Tuesday Night Chat Recap

Here's a recap of Tuesday night's premium chat with Recruiting Analyst Jason Higdon.

Gatormann: Mister Higdon!!!!

Bullis33: we will not sign a cali QB

Bullis33: I bet it is Newton or Reed for QB this year

BocaGtr66: but one from Indiana

JasonHigdon: gents how goes it,?

bullg8rdaddy:no nunes or forcier?

Bullis33: I still got love for ya Higgy

Bullis33: doubt it

JasonHigdon: Lutz list looked good but I would cross of, I Cross, Michael Carter, Dre Kirkpatrick for now and one other oh Tevin....

Bullis33: forcier has no offer yet correct??

JasonHigdon: let me confirm hold please

Bullis33: what is the latest with nukese higgy??? commit to UF Fri??

JasonHigdon: but its a good starting point L, real good...forcier has written offer at this time….

Gatormann: I've read where some say that Debose is leaning semi

Gatormann: On to business, do we get good news on Friday?

Bullis33: yeah...what up with nukese

BocaGtr66: bgd any qb's in the group?

gatorbogey: good news would be beating tulane on friday!

Bullis33: I think Newton should be #1 on our QB board....but Zooker is making a real play for him I think

JasonHigdon: I will stake 33's job on NR come Friday

bullg8rdaddy: just the boy and I am doing everything I can to get him to be a lefty!

Gatormann: Nice

JasonHigdon: imo

Bullis33: sweet I get to quit Friday....wooo hooo

Bullis33: lol

JasonHigdon: :)

Bullis33: Jay, is Newton #1 on QB board as of today??? what are our chances??

Gatormann: I haven't really seen much good film on Newton's arm. How good is it?

JasonHigdon: yes

Bullis33: really strong mann

LutzGator: does janoris reel him in?

JasonHigdon: and real good

Bullis33: he is a more accurate version of Cam IMO

Bullis33: which would be perfect

Gatormann: Great. We should have a great shot at him.

Bullis33: watch out for the Zooker

JasonHigdon: do not discount Reed though and I know I know but he is very high up for the staff as well and if we press we look good for Forcier but don't think we will press for him

Bullis33: already telling kids they will get beat up running our version of the spread

Bullis33: forcier is about 5'10" barefoot I hear....next

Gatormann: Jason, how do you like our chances with

JasonHigdon: thats why I said IF we press...

Bullis33: jay, how come we could not talk to berry....I mean his mom is nice and all, but we want the kid to love UF...

Bullis33: with who mann??

JasonHigdon: who? I talked to him today and his mother

JasonHigdon: what do you mean???

Gatormann: with Newton

Bullis33: yeah, but mom talked too much...that kid is a must get IMO......would really kill it in our O

JasonHigdon: dont discount her 33 she is the key, 100% her and Jamaal are leaving on June 10-23 to visit his dad in Jamaica then will set up these trips…

bullg8rdaddy: did you see the column regarding Berry and his mom by some guy from O STATE, Jay?

Bullis33: but Jay is $$$ with the parents

JasonHigdon: no what did it say

Gatormann: Its a new year and Bery is the rb we all wanat.

Gatormann: Berry's mom said that she will leave it up to Jamaal entirely

JasonHigdon: spoke with them as well this am....

Bullis33: how is Will

BocaGtr66: Newton is getting seriuos about UF

JasonHigdon: Mann, do you beleive that

Bullis33: when does he it Hogtown??

bullg8rdaddy: The column was by Bill Greene and basically said OSU might hold a slight lead according to his mom

Bullis33: and I am serious about Newton, so that works out well for me

JasonHigdon: bout a 8-10 days something like that 33

Bullis33: I loves me some Will Hill

Gatormann: seems like a nice lady

LutzGator: any word on finley?

Bullis33: yeah....finley is good to go??

JasonHigdon: heis good

Bullis33: 100% good??

JasonHigdon: from what he has told me yes

Bullis33: he will RS this year anyway IMO

Bullis33: and end up at OLB

BocaGtr66: After Nu'kesse what does WR board look like jay?

LutzGator: sweet

Gatormann: How about Debose?

Bullis33: Debose is #1 on board???

bullg8rdaddy: And Berry's mom also said that she is a Gator, and would prefer that he stay in state but if 7,0chooses OSU then she will be a buckeye

Bullis33: he will kill jis career before it starts if he picks FSU (debose that is)

JasonHigdon: some cause for concern on AD with the addition of NR but Brown is still on the baord and Josh Robinson as well

Bullis33: robinson as a WR not a CB??

JasonHigdon: yes

Bullis33: interesting

LutzGator: heastie is coming to fnl too, isn't he?

Bullis33: is he legit Jay??

Gatormann: Debose might be scared off by Richardson?

JasonHigdon: yes

Bullis33: I bet heastie never shows for FNL

Bullis33: just like the O & B game

JasonHigdon: josh more athletic than Brandon McGee from what I have been told

Bullis33: that's okay, we still have 4 years of Rainey at RB/Wr.....the rainman cometh!!!

LutzGator: if wvu keeps running the ball, heastie may see the light

Bullis33: why would we not give his Qb buddy Boyd a look....he is supposed to be a good QB prospect Jay??

Bullis33: Rainey is going to shock CFB this year....write it down, take it to the bank

gatorbogey: yep, i think rainey's gonna be special

JasonHigdon: no knock on Logan I like him but he is 5th or 6th at best on the WR board imo they are looking for speed speed and more speed this year, period

coreyh: moody will make other rb's want to come to fl

JasonHigdon: not saying they wouldnt take him but some other WRs ahead of him for sure

Bullis33: if meyer lets moody run the ball

bullg8rdaddy: hope so, corey!

gatorbogey: who's ahead of him on the wr board?

BocaGtr66: Met Berry's mom at Scout combine and she is all Gator

bullg8rdaddy: if moody hangs on to the ball

Bullis33: just let him run Urban.....he and Rainey could be one special RB tandem

Gatormann: The TE board doesn't really excite me after Mobley

JasonHigdon: NR, AD, MB for starters

coreyh: moody starts day 1 to good to sit imo

Bullis33: no shot at Marlon Brown IMO

Bullis33: I hope so corey, but Rainey is a natural RB who needs touches as well

JasonHigdon: and at the end of the day Braxton Lane is starting to turn some heads however I dont think he will be let in...

gatorbogey: i hope/wonder if meyer will let the RB's have a few mistakes - more this year than last

JasonHigdon: ut 1 UF 2 right now for MB

bullg8rdaddy: PT can be had at both schools (UT and UF) for WR Brown

LutzGator: we could use a big offensive sowing in knoxvegas this year to impress mb

Bullis33: I want a wildcat formation with percy at Qb and rainey and demps flanked on either side in a split back set.....nasty

JasonHigdon: 33-forgot to tell you, Ran Carthon hired by falcons today as a pro scout I will meet him end of the week

coreyh: didnt like him before the lsu game guess how I felt after LOL

JasonHigdon: 100% Lutz

Bullis33: I always like Ran

JasonHigdon: me to

Bullis33: great kid

bullg8rdaddy: good for ran, does this mean he will try to coach like dad or no?

Gatormann: What do you think will Davis make it this summer? Will he start?

Bullis33: BTW, demps is about 190 already...he can easily be a 15+ carry back within a year...kid is all muscle

Gatormann: He's got better power than people think also

Bullis33: no on Davis...sad, but cannot see him sticking

JasonHigdon: Demps is a PURE BEAST

bullg8rdaddy: they have him on the new video game as #28 (Demps)

Bullis33: he is no scat back

JasonHigdon: correct

Bullis33: like people think

Gatormann: How are his moves?

JasonHigdon: with his speed you dont need moves...

Bullis33: demps is a pure north south runner with elite speed....perfect for the huge holes the spread opens up

JasonHigdon: lol, just get outside

bullg8rdaddy: Lakers 53 spurs 47 half time

Bullis33: he does not cut like percy or rainey, but few do

Bullis33: but he does not need to Bullis33 Member has chosen to keep email information private

Gatormann: You have to make that first guy miss one way or another

gatorbogey: what's the over/under on punt/kickoff returns for td's this year for the gators?

Bullis33: jay, what are you hearing on ronnie wilson...is there a real shot he is back this year

LutzGator: if he returns kicks, he could be to the 50 by the time the coverage team is

Gatormann: Any tight ends you guys like besides Orson

Gatormann: ?

Bullis33: rainey needs to be a KR this year...he is just as good as james back there IMO

bullg8rdaddy: So no other DTs this year after Mr. Brown

BocaGtr66: ha! don'nt get me started on te

Gatormann: In that case, please do get started Boca

JasonHigdon: Bogey I say 5

Bullis33: jay..ronnie wilson??? is there a real shot there??

LutzGator: we need a te this year, wo do you see jay?

JasonHigdon: not sure not my department

JasonHigdon: not Fontaine

Bullis33: what about the NC TE Jay....the 6'6" kid??

JasonHigdon: Lutz watch the Rashede kid and Desmond parks

Bullis33: parks is the 6'6" kid yes??

LutzGator: where is rasede from?

JasonHigdon: parks, legit 6'6 221 with real good speed and only 16 yrs old so still learning

JasonHigdon: MN

JasonHigdon: Rashed Hageman

Gatormann: Now that sounds like what we need

Bullis33: kids from MN are slow....lol

LutzGator: thans

BocaGtr66: Parks definitly has the tangibles

LutzGator: not oncethey thaw out

Bullis33: any chance we get a summer commit from Bostic....he is a STUD IMO-

Bullis33: lol lutz

Gatormann: How about the lb Jones?

Bullis33: I hate the spurs....go lakers

JasonHigdon: now Orson Charles I believe and Morrell Presley both in play and they are the top two TE On teh board

BocaGtr66: How about a 6-6 220 kid who luvs UF and his dad was a Gator?

JasonHigdon: no boca stop it

Bullis33: who boca??

BocaGtr66: ha lol @ jason

JasonHigdon: lol

LutzGator: charles does owe us a championship trophy

Gatormann: I didn't think we had much of a chance on Charles anymore

Bullis33: I might walk on now that I am a svelte 6'4", 210 lbs

JasonHigdon: I talked to presley he is going to visit but I will believe it when I see it, Charles I believe is down to Miami and UF

Bullis33: going to Miami on offense = career suicide

Gatormann: Nix = offensive genius

JasonHigdon: yes it does and he is conflicted with the two TE kids that they just got, however one will never play TE they tell him

Bullis33: lol mann

JasonHigdon: me to Mann

BocaGtr66: Bull come on these kids think Miami is TE U. Of course Nix has not used a TE in his offense

Gatormann: yeah, we're all offensive geniuses

Bullis33: Miami is awful on O......kids should start to see that now

JasonHigdon: LOL Mann you are rolling tonight

bullg8rdaddy: how long does shannon have before the axe comes?

BocaGtr66: Bull they will get a good look Sept 6 how bad that O is

coreyh: if we dont get newton at qb whos the next choice

Bullis33: I am an offensive genius....get it to percy 20 times a gameand get out of the way

Gatormann: Jason, I'd give you a shot to run my offense before I'd want to see Nix

JasonHigdon: Mann I am taking that as a slap in the face...

Gatormann: sorry. lol

BocaGtr66: come on Bull rainman need 5 touches

JasonHigdon: with as bad as you are talking about Nix lol

JasonHigdon: WHOA

Bullis33: percy 20, rainey 10, AH 5 everyone else is out in my new offense

LutzGator: on a scale of 1 to eff bowden, ow is nix?

coreyh: Is that kid nunes from Cali a good fit for us?

JasonHigdon: 33-sounds like the Michigan gameplan

Bullis33: nunes ain't coming here

Bullis33: yes, but we have to block this time around

JasonHigdon: ehh somewhat...wouldnt worry about him stanford I hear

JasonHigdon: lol

Bullis33: you forget I was on your speed dial that game from your hotel in O town

Bullis33: as you cursed for 2+ hours solid

coreyh: if danny falls in love with percy again this year it will be a long one imo

BocaGtr66: Jason Xavier Nixon just visited what is your take on our status?

Bullis33: percy should get as many touches as he wants....he is a once every 10-15 year talent

Gatormann: I can't wait to see Rainey and Harvin on the field at the same time

Bullis33: gotta go fellas....dinner time on the west coast........lasagna tonight!!!

bullg8rdaddy: has UF ever had some one like Percy? 'quezie?

Bullis33: peace!!!!

Gatormann: Later Bullis

BocaGtr66: mmm La Sagna

bullg8rdaddy: Laters...

LutzGator: later

coreyh: dont think they have ever had as much speed and talent as they do rit now

Gatormann: Jason what do you think about our chances with Jarvis Jones?

coreyh: But as good as TT is I want to see him lead us in the last 2 minutes for the win

JasonHigdon: I believe that right now XN has UF In top two with UNC and Jarvis Jones, UF has great shot at....spoke with jarvis and and asst coach today...

LutzGator: uf and clemson for jones?

Gatormann: Bostic and Jones! Whoppee! That's the lb class right there!

JasonHigdon: thats what everyone wants to say and thats the easy answer but uga will be in mix...bostic I believe could be done in summer

BocaGtr66: good news on Bostic

coreyh: whos the one player UF wants the most

JasonHigdon: not just one corey

JasonHigdon: they have a bunch but based on numbers I would say the OL guys..

JasonHigdon: I mean based on # of current roster after this year OL huge need

Gatormann: I'd really like to see a second pure tackle to go with Alajajian

bullg8rdaddy: trying to find Jarvis jones on scout database..is he listed at safety? and from Tampa?

LutzGator: georgia

JasonHigdon: not thats jairus jones

JasonHigdon: from Wharton HS I believe

coreyh: is lamar miller scum?

JasonHigdon: most likely yes

bullg8rdaddy: I thought it was a misppelling..

BocaGtr66: Miller is JUCO

LutzGator: is arius james jones son?

JasonHigdon: yes

Gatormann: Actually, that's bad news.

JasonHigdon: whatis

coreyh: little off topic but will PJ make it in at lsu?

Gatormann: Could put Miami back into mix for Berry

JasonHigdon: they are not in the mix for him

LutzGator: they already have brown too

bullg8rdaddy: MLB Nico Johnson not on our board?

JasonHigdon: and dont think they will be in the mix for him at all, especially after UF drops say 79 on them lol

gatorbogey: will the luster and lust for miami tarnish if we destroy them this year?

LutzGator: do they recruit anyone besides lbs and rbs?

Gatormann: JH if Berry goes Buckeye what do you think aobut chances with Richardson?

JasonHigdon: daddy he is but 4th I believe questions concerning his speed...and I believe it is warranted as well

bullg8rdaddy: gotcha, JH

BocaGtr66: We take Frankie Telfort as a Safety?

JasonHigdon: Mann-his brother goes to ULL I believe it is 50 miles from LSU he wants TR to come be near him and I believe his mom does as well BUT that kid is a top priority for the staff so they will be in it to the end....

gatorbogey: what were the 'star ratings' of the giant RB's in the super this year when they were coming out of h.s.?

JasonHigdon: TR's his cousin is James Collins

JasonHigdon: anyone heard of him by the way???

bullg8rdaddy: TR from Emmitt's old High school?

JasonHigdon: now his cousin is what I meant to say

LutzGator: who?

Gatormann: I know its an easy comparison to make but he sure does seem to have a lot of Emmit in his game

JasonHigdon: stumped you again....I love it

LutzGator: and he is richardsons cousin?

bullg8rdaddy: 5-11 a little bit taller than 22 Future HOF

coreyh: Jay you hink PJ will qualify or is he jucco?

JasonHigdon: some of the same teams are looking at both TR and JC.....some mention that the two would like to play together....

JasonHigdon: yes Lutz he is...

JasonHigdon: no way UF would take JUCO LB this year imo though....and at the end of the day I dont believe FSU will offer BUT LSU and Bama might

bullg8rdaddy: FSU pretty much going after left overs this year, Jason?

JasonHigdon: um I dont think so I mean Demonte McAllister UF would take in a second....

JasonHigdon: maybe some of the players though I guess

HanRam23: before practices start who is leading for dt position??

JasonHigdon: Corey I am sure they will find a way for PJ

JasonHigdon: thats a chris question he covers the team but safe to say that T. Sanders made big leap imo, lets see which one of Davis and Brown improve Omar will get shot as well as Patchan....and Marsh

bullg8rdaddy: Me thinks Sanders and Marsh should wake thier butts up if they aren't in the lead for starting sopts before practice

BocaGtr66: Saw PJ the other day he said he reports june 4 th but IMO clearing house will have to clear him first.

Gatormann: Think the cb from Ely is in this class Boca?

bullg8rdaddy: trattou and esto in DT rotation, too.

LutzGator: trattou still a little light

BlueGator9: wow.. I am late

BocaGtr66: Mann I know Bedford liked what he saw of Michael Carter

Gatormann: Until somebody takes those jobs I think its dt by committee

JasonHigdon: Carter will not be in the class imo..

LutzGator: maybe they will push each other real hard

Gatormann: hmmm

bullg8rdaddy: agreed, MANN.

BlueGator9: any news on Nu'Keese Richardson?

JasonHigdon: Lutz lets hope so...

BocaGtr66: who measred him jay ? LOL

JasonHigdon: ha, not me....

LutzGator: a hong kong tailor

JasonHigdon: UF will have a visitor on Friday.....cant spill it just yet though 2010 kid

Gatormann: Jason, think we add another cb to class?

bullg8rdaddy: queer eye for the str8 guy?

Gatormann: I'm counting Reid as a cb

BocaGtr66: Well I saw him shut down Patrick Johnson at practice

JasonHigdon: I think one CB one true CB and that will be it

JasonHigdon: ahh you shouldnt mann...

LutzGator: in state kid, jay?

BocaGtr66: Dre Kirpatrick ?

JasonHigdon: no lutz, why are you always the one trying to guess it out of me

JasonHigdon: lol

JasonHigdon: 01 kid 66

JasonHigdon: 2010

LutzGator: persistence, you might slip (but i doubt it)

bullg8rdaddy: hawkins, mcGee, jamal reid pssible CBs?

LutzGator: haden?

JasonHigdon: mcgee no way...

bullg8rdaddy: flush

JasonHigdon: Hawkins ahead of reid for sure but that kid reid can actually play a number of spots, Canes looking at him for safety

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