Cornileus Details Trip to Sunshine State

A few weeks ago, introduced you to Stone Mountain (Ga.) Stephenson High School sophomore Tyrone Cornileus. Cornileus recently took a trip through the state of Florida and kept the details of his trip.

Tyrone Cornileus profile

Monday – May 26:
Traveled from Stone Mountain, GA to Gainesville, FL with my sister and cousin, who are both students at UF and enrolled for summer session. I'm looking forward to spending a few days with them and visiting the campus again. This is a great start to my summer vacation after a very successful school year, both academically and as far as football is concerned. We arrived in Gainesville around 6:30 – 7:00. After arriving, I just chilled.

Tuesday – May 27:
I woke up and followed my normal routine (get up, brush teeth, take a shower, clean up, and eat a small breakfast). Around 4:00 PM, I went with my sister to volunteer at the Gainesville Boys and Girls Club. It wasn't as boring as I thought it might be. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed it. The kids seemed to love my presence and I got along well with them. They are very active kids. Later, my sister and I went out to dinner and spent the rest of the evening watching TV, being on the computer, and sharing a few laughs. Overall, I had a relaxing day in Gainesville.

Wednesday – May 28:
I woke up around 11:00 AM or 12:00 PM. I'm not too much of a morning person. Today, I followed my normal routine and then spent time on the computer checking my email. I enjoy "im-ing" my friends and spending time on the computer as one of my hobbies. I spent time at my sister's dorm room while she was in class. Later, she cooked dinner for me and we spent most of the evening together watching movies, listening to music, and chilling.

Thursday – May 29:
I woke up again between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM. My sister and I went to lunch at a Japanese restaurant (can't recall the name). At 2:30 PM, I left to go meet with Coach Carter of the UF coaching staff. I was excited about the opportunity to meet with the coaches. Coach Carter and I talked for approximately 30 minutes about multiple things. Specifically, he talked with me about my plans to come back to UF later in June for camp. I will be attending a one-day camp at UF. He told me that I should plan to work out with the linebackers during the morning session and with the safeties during the evening session. He also talked with me about areas I needed to work on, which was mainly my weight. I told Coach Carter that my plans are to be at 200 pounds by the end of the summer. I'm currently weighing 185, so I need just a little more work and I'll be there. I told Coach Carter that I also played running back and was scheduled to get repetition in that position during the football season in addition to my play on defense. He expressed some interest in that as well. He commented that he liked my versatility. I enjoyed my meeting with Coach Carter. It really encouraged me to continue working hard and keeping my priorities straight. After that meeting, I went to the Boys and Girls Club again with my sister. I played basketball with the kids there. Basketball is another of my favorite sports, which I've played for several years. That was fun. After leaving the Boys and Girls Club, my sister and I went out to dinner at On the Border. Then, we just went back to her dorm and chilled.

Friday – May 30:
I woke up early this morning around 9:00 AM to prepare to meet with Mark Pantoni (recruiting assistant). I met with him and he took me on a tour of the entire UF campus on a golf cart. Even though this wasn't my first tour, I saw different things that I had not ever seen before. The school's surroundings are pretty cool. UF is a nice campus. After a tour of the campus, Mr. Pantoni took me on a tour of the football facilities and locker room. I had been there multiple times before, but that was a few years ago. They are in the middle of renovating the locker room and weight room. UF has some incredible facilities. I can definitely see myself being there in the next two years. Growing up in a Gator household, it has been a thought of mine that I could end up here. Mr. Pantoni told me about all the extra staff, such as medical doctors, trainers, and full-time nutritionists. I like the fact that they have a whole staff dedicated to making the football players and the team successful in different ways. I also had the opportunity to see some of the players: Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin, Jermaine Cunningham, and some of the newest recruits. It was an amazing experience. I think about the fact that Jermaine came from the same high school program that I'm in now and now he's a part of the Gator program. Meeting with those guys and taking the tour was an amazing experience. I would like to come back. After my tour, I went to my sister's dorm room and chilled. Soon, it was time to get my things together and get ready for the trip back to Stone Mountain. This has been a great week visiting my sister and enjoying UF again. It's a really nice environment to go to school. My Mom and Dad arrived to take me home. We arrived back home early Saturday morning.

  • Other schools that have expressed interest so far are: South Carolina, Central Florida, University of Miami, Mississippi State, Auburn, and West Virginia.
  • Scouts from those schools have told my Dad and me that they like my versatility and ability to play more than one position. They tend to think that I could convert to a safety at the next level and that physically, I am ready now for that position. As a linebacker, I will need to put on extra weight – which is not a problem. That's my goal too. I plan to add 10 pounds by end of summer. The scouts like my quickness and ability to read the field.
  • My summer plans are to attend camps at: South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Florida, Auburn, and possibly Ohio State and Clemson or Vanderbilt.
  • Academically, I am preparing for 11th grade. I have a rigorous course load with advanced and AP courses next year. In addition, I will be taking a prep course for the SAT and ACT exams. I plan to take my tests and qualify with the Clearinghouse by the end of fall semester. My GPA is approximately 3.3 and I want to continue raising that over next year.
  • Overall, I am staying focused and trying to be prepared for the opportunities that come my way. I want to be at a school with strong academics and a winning tradition. I know I will continue to grow as a person, a student, and a football player over the next two years. I'm listening to my coaches at Stephenson, my parents, and my trainer on doing the right things to get me ready for the next level.

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