Richardson's Family Happy About Decision

Nu'keese Richardson is a Gator and no one is happier than his cousin Tyrone Clervan, that is of course unless you talk to his Aunt and Grandmother. FightinGators.Com had a chance to speak with both about the recent announcement to the Florida Gators

Robbie Everett (Aunt)

Can you describe how Nu'keese has grown and matured from the first time he came to live with you as a young boy to the point where he is now as a young man?

"Nu'keese has only lived with my family for two school terms but I've been involved with him since the beginning. He lost his mother at age eight - the beginning of his third grade school year. He lived with his grandparents but being at his elementary school I was able to watch him go through the grief process which gave us many opportunities to spend time together. By fifth grade he had become very involved in little league sports (basketball and football) sponsored by our city recreation department. This new focus seemed to have helped him not dwell on the loss of his mother. When he moved in with us during his tenth grade year he expressed a need to focus on improving his GPA and get ready for college. He has worked hard to define and redefine who he is as a young man and talented athlete. Sometimes I think he drives himself too hard."

How excited are you that he was able to get this decision not only out of the way but that he will be close to home playing at the University of Florida?

"The family is very excited. With this decision out of the way, he can focus on graduating and preparing to enter the next phase of his life. Being close to home will allow us to travel to his games and provide the support needed by our young men when they leave home for college the first time. So many times, this makes the difference in the long term success of student athletes. We also have family in the Gainesville/Daytona who look forward to having him near them."

When he plays his first college football game and comes running out of the tunnel what do you think will be going through your mind?

"That's our little boy. I frequently remember Nu'keese (age 3) sitting on his mother's lap or her playing with him when we visited them in Syracuse, New York. Although she's not with us we know that her spirit will be with him. Somehow, I just envision her smiling down on her first born as he ventures into the world of college athletics and adulthood."

What is your take on the recruiting process and how crazy it becomes at times?

"The recruiting process is intense and at times crazy. But, it gives you insight and choices. You have a chance to evaluate the programs up close. You're able to ask questions and check out the stats for the varying positions. Some questions we've asked are: what's the average number of receptions for a wide receiver at his top school choices or how many top receiver recruits are also being offered scholarships or what is the likelihood that he'll get red-shirted his freshman year?"

Gloria Richardson (Grandmother)

This is such an exciting time in your life to watch your grandson make this huge decision that most kids only dream of, what does it mean to you?

"It means a lot to me but I wish his mother could have been here to see him and share in this accomplishment."

When you think of Nu'keese what's the first thing that pops into your head and why?

"New York – New York pops into my mind constantly as I remember how he'd run from his mother trying to get to me or his grandfather when she disciplined him. He was a typical little boy who loved throwing. A family friend always teases about him throwing straight rocks when he was trying to hit a target. That accuracy has helped him become a better quarterback today."

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