More Midday Heat Stroke

Once again Gator football fans will get to experience all that the late summer sun has to offer in the University City. The moving of the Hawaii game to 12:30 is potentially a brutal, health risking adventure. Sure it's far from ideal, but there's really no one to blame.

The SEC contracts force teams to move to accommodate the television network partners and the Hawaii games make a lot of sense for Jefferson-Raycom-Pilot-Sun/Foxcast or whatever the heck it's called this year. That network normally scrambles for even two Gator games each season, so the opportunity to get them early in the year is one they simply can't pass up.

Last year the Gators did everything they could to mitigate the impact of the heat and all indications are that it was successful. They'll do more of the same this time around. The one thing that helps, more fans will drink much less since it's an early kickoff and they know maintaining hydration is a big deal. That of course makes for much more entertaining post-game parties.

Hawaii is an ideal opponent both for Raycom and the Gators, too. The Rainbows have a much better "name" coming off a BCS Bowl season. However they have a much weaker "team" to try and live up to that name.

I'm really looking forward to that ESPN 8:00 kick for the Miami game. It should generate a terrific atmosphere as Florida tries to get its first win over the Hurricanes in most of the players' lifetimes. Again Miami has a better name than the '08 ‘Canes can live up to, but it should still be an excellent test for Urban Meyer's fourth Gator squad.

Is it August yet?

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