Reese Starting to Get Interest

Xavier Reese wants to become one of the next great receivers from Broward County. The 6-2.5, 180-pound receiver from Oakland Park (Fla.) Northeast High School is starting to get some attention from the Gators.

Xavier Reese profile

Can you list the current offers that you have and talk about each of them?

"The first offer I got was from coach McDonald at Minnesota. I was at a football game scouting a district opponent's spring game and he gave me a call and said I was offered by him from Minnesota. It meant a lot to me especially because it was my first offer. It was really special and I've been waiting a while for one but my high school coach Adam Ratkevic always told me to keep my head up because they were going to come and I listened to him. Now with my second offer from Central Michigan it came about a week later. Me and coach Azzani hit it off from the moment he came to my school. He is a very down to earth coach that is straight forward and I like that a lot because there aren't too many coaches that are like that. He told me I was the kind of receiver he needed and him and the head coach Jones offered me. I really like coach Azzani a lot and I am looking forward to visiting their school over the summer."

What were your stats from your junior season and what positions are you playing?

"Last year I had 20 receptions for over 350 yards and three touchdowns. Our number one receiver last year led the county and I was right behind him. I'm mostly lined out wide but we have some sets with me at slot and I love that because I really create mismatches with me being faster than most linebackers down here even though we do have great linebackers in Florida. Plus, I'm bigger than most safeties."

Who is showing you interest that you think is close to offering?

"I believe coach Fisher at Vanderbilt would be one. He is one heck of a coach from what I hear. And I love his knowledge of the game. Another I also really believe is coach Frank Leonard at Kansas State, Wisconsin, Troy, and I really like the recent talks with coach Billy Gonzales from Florida so we will see where that goes."

Who is recruiting you the hardest right now from the offers that you have?

"I would definitely have to say Central Michigan with coach Azzani."

What schools have you visited in the past or are planning to visit in the future?

"I know for sure I'm heading to Florida down there in Gainesville and their camp with coach Gonzales. I'm going to Central Michigan to visit. I also want to go to Minnesota to visit. But other camps I'm seriously looking into are Vanderbilt, Louisville, USF, and maybe Miami's camp among others. I'm trying hard to narrow down the list of camps I'm going to and which schools I have a shot with getting a offer from."

What do you know about the Gators and what do you like about them from the defensive side of the ball?

"I know a lot about the Gators. I grew up loving football, period, in the state of Florida with all of the heated rivalries. Really this year I only know about Major Wright because he grew up down in Ft. Lauderdale where I'm from and he played for St. Thomas Aquinas, which is right down the street from my dad's. But Florida has one of the most terrifying defenses in the nation, especially in the SEC, which is to be by many the toughest conference in the nation. They are big, fast, strong and move like a well oiled machines."

Can you talk about your relationship with coach Gonzales?

"Honestly, me and coach Gonzales's relationship has just started and it will do nothing but grow stronger over these up and coming months. He is a great guy from speaking to him on the phone and he is always excited and fired up. I personally love his passion for football and I think that's one thing we both share."

What's the best part of your game (strength) and what do you need to improve on moving forward?

"My biggest strength is going to get the ball no matter where it is in the air. I also do a near perfect job of looking the ball in and having good body control according to a lot of coaches that have seen my tape. I also do very sharp routes that can cause separation or throw a defender off. One area I do need to improve on is going up for the jump ball at a little bit of a higher point because I know I will be facing a lot of double teams this year and don't want anything to slow me down. I'm getting stronger every day in the weight room looking forward to wrecking havoc and opening up the offense for everyone on my team. I feel that any player on our offense is capable of picking up the slack and being the workhorse that night. We have a lot of weapons and plans on using them very well this year. Travis Laurent for one is our starting running back. One of the best in Broward County. He was not given the proper attention last year, and I think he is coming into this season with a chip on his shoulder so look out for him."

Where do the Gators stand for you right now?

"Right now, I don't honestly know where they stand but they're high on my chart. What kid wouldn't dream of wearing that orange and blue and becoming a Gator. I'm just waiting to see what happens in the near future and don't be surprised if they are in my top three."

What factors will you use to determine you decision?

"Some factors that will determine my decision I,s first and most important, academics. I have a 3.0 core GPA and I am taking the ACT the 14th of this month. I'm going to get my degree in business administration. Also other factors in the mix are parents, coaching staff, and the feeling of being wanted by whichever school I choose is the right fit for me."

What kind of time frame do you have for making that decision?

"As of right now I want to just continue going to camps and handling my business on the field and in the classroom for this upcoming year. My mind will be made up by signing day I know that for sure or possibly earlier because of my possibility of graduating early and playing spring ball for whatever college I choose."

What was your favorite team growing up and favorite college player?

"My favorite team growing up was the Miami Hurricanes. I've been going to the games since I was a little boy. My favorite player in college had to be Santana Moss. Even though he wasn't the biggest guy on the field he played like he was. And I believe he was both respected and feared when he steeped foot on that football field and I want to one day come close to that."

Can you talk about the things you are doing now to prepare yourself for your senior season?

"Some of the things I have been doing to prepare myself for my upcoming senior year is taking care of my body in watching what I eat down to drinking plenty of fluids and getting a lot of sleep. But in the weight room I'm working on every aspect of my body to make me overall the best player I can be and hopefully the best player on the field period."

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