From a Football Family

It's one thing to come from a football family, but it's another when your father has guided an NFL franchise to a Super Bowl. Class of 2010 wide receiver Eric Dungy has football running through his veins and impressed the Florida coaches when he came camping a few weeks ago.

Eric Dungy pulled in 46 catches for 671 yards and eight touchdowns as a sophomore. He hopes to improve on that as a junior at Tampa's Plant High School. The 6-1, 170-pound Dungy updated with his recruiting.

Can you talk about the teams that have shown interest in you at this point?

"Baylor and UAB both sent me questioners. Michigan sent me a camp invitation, and the Florida coaches seemed pretty impressed at the camp."

Did you have any childhood favorites growing up?

"Deion Sanders was my favorite player when I was growing up. Right now, I really enjoy watching Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Wayne, Bob Sanders and Braylon Edwards."

Who are some teams that you would like to hear more from right now in regards to the recruiting process?

"I grew up a Florida State fan, so I would love to hear from them."

Do you know which schools that you will visit or camp at moving forward?

"I want to visit South Florida. The school is really close to home in Tampa. It would be fun to play in a college where my parents and friends could come to every game."

Talk about what the most important factors are for you in picking a school?

"Good coaching, winning tradition and playing time."

When would you ideally like to make your decision?

"I would like to just wait until I get the best offer for me, whenever that time is."

When you were at Florida, could you see yourself playing for the Gators and why?

"The Gator offense is similar to Plant, so I could see it being a good fit in that sense."

Talk about your relationship/talks with the coaches a UF especially Urban Meyer?

"Coach Myer is a really cool guy, I talked briefly to him. He compared the Plant wide receivers to the Gator receivers. He seems similar to my dad in the way he runs his team and his calm way off teaching players."

What were you most impressed with about the University of Florida?

"Doing the 1-on-1s in The Swamp was fun. I can only imagine what it must be like when the entire stadium is filled up."

How do you feel that you would fit into the system that the Gators run?

"I feel like I could be a possession receiver who can make big catches on third down and things like that. I can makes plays when my number is called."

How do your mom and dad feel about the Gators at this time?

"We haven't really talked about them too much, but both my parents like and respect coach Myer and his program."

Can you talk about your leadership qualities on and off the field?

"I try to lead by example. I'm not big into yelling at people and getting into people's faces. I think I keep everybody lose, too. I laugh a lot and usually have a big smile on my face."

What things will you focus on heading into your junior season?

"Just being consistent. I made some big plays in the spring and I've had some drops and ran the wrong routes and things like that. I just want to develop into someone all the players and coaches can trust in big games."

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