Don't Do It Brett!

Nobody should be surprised by the news this week the Brett Favre has been talking with the Green Bay Packers about coming to training camp later this month. The veteran quarterback, who turns 39 in October is apparently re-re-re-reconsidering his decision to retire form the NFL. Here's one person hoping ho doesn't go back on his word.

Stardom is an aphrodisiac. Competitive sports is a narcotic. And we all know how horny we got when we got high. For pro athletes walking away is often the toughest thing they ever try to do, which is why so many retirements are anything but permanent. Ask Michael Jordan or Roger Clemens about the ease of walking away from millions of dollars and the celebrity that goes with it. Ask Muhammad Ali who has spent more than 20 years paying the price for getting back in the ring again and again.

But I don't like it, especially when someone has a major news conference and tearfully says his goodbyes. I don't like it because the attention starved individual is giving the middle finger to his successor by undermining that guy's transition into the role that was vacated. How do you think Aaron Rogers is feeling today, knowing all his teammates are now taking up residence in pro-Favre and anti-Favre camps. Un-retiring in team sports is an individual's right, but it is selfish.

Brett Favre left the NFL on a high note, having an outstanding season for the Packers by passing for over four thousand yards and 28 touchdowns. He has passed for over 60-thousand yards and 442 touchdowns in his remarkable NFL career and they're already working on his bust for Canton. A return can only cheapen his legacy, no matter how it turns out. He's not going to get better, he's just going to add some starts and screw a former teammate in the process. Don't do it Brett. I'd rather remember you as a great player and not another jock who couldn't walk away no matter who it hurt.

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