Tebow Dominates SEC Meetings

HOOVER, Ala. -- He's been a starting quarterback for one season in one of the three SEC cities furthest from Hoover, Alabama and the SEC Football Media Days. Yet Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was the one everyone wanted just a little piece of on Wednesday.

Watching Tebow go through his paces was unlike anything this media throng has ever gone through. Tebow was the player every media guy had to have just a couple of minutes with. He was the guy who fans crowded into the lower lobby hoping to get a glimpse of and maybe even an autograph from. And he handled it like he's been doing it his whole life.

And in a way he has. Tebow was a star in high school at St. Augustine Nease and was as big as you can be in high school. ESPN shadowed him for his senior year and televised his commitment to Florida live. Now with the Heisman Trophy on display at the Winfrey Hotel where the SEC event is taking place, Florida's superstar is keeping an even keel through the whole ordeal.

I remember talking 12 years ago about how well Danny Wuerffel handled similar (but not as extensive) attention during his Gator years and it's remarkable to see it happening again. It's also remarkable that once again it's a quarterback from a strong family with a commitment to faith and service that takes precedence over wins and losses. It's not at all surprising that when Tebow talks about the attention, he does it from a positive framework. It lets him get his message of faith and determination to people who otherwise wouldn't listen. And it's not at all surprising that when Tebow talks about trying to be a positive role model he always refers to the person his parents tabbed as the perfect role model for young Timmy when he was in grade school, Danny Wuerffel.

More than a couple of media types here at the SEC Meetings asked me in various ways, "Tell me, is this kid for real?" I tell them that he is, indeed for real. For the second time in school history Florida has a quarterback who parents want their kids to be like. They have a quarterback that parents wish they were more like.

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