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When Curtis Porter visited Gainesville for Friday Night Lights, it seemed almost certain that he would be a Gator. That's what made today's news of his commitment to Miami that much more surprising.

I know that this comes as a shock to many of you but the reality of the situation is that Curtis Porter always had Miami near the top of his list as well as Florida State. That is why he took visits to all three teams around Friday Night Lights.

Granted, when he took his initial trip to Florida he was all ready to pull the trigger. Makes sense, young kid first visit to a major program and he was convinced Florida was the place for him. He has an outstanding relationship with the Florida staff and especially coach Kenny Carter.

What we know now is that Miami told Curtis that they had one spot left at defensive tackle and it was down to Antwan Lowery and Porter. Porter felt like he had to take it for fear of losing out on that spot. Lowery was set to announce to Miami on August 1 but has since backed off that saying that he is now down to Florida, Miami and Rutgers.

Two scenarios come to play, if this is truly the case and Miami told Porter that they had only one ship for either Porter or Lowery they basically said we don't care which one of you commits. Meaning that Miami can't say 100 percent to either player you are the guy that we want at this time.

Clearly the Florida staff told Porter that you are our guy and we want you. Florida never put any sort of condition on Porter and his commitment to Florida was not conditional like the one with Miami. Florida had no time constraints on this announcement as did Miami.

I also know that Porter will look to enroll early. The reason this becomes important is because it would not surprise me to see Lowery hold off until after Porter is enrolled at Miami. That way Miami can take both players.

Now let me make sure that all of you understand this is all speculation on my part. Is Miami telling Lowery to hold off and be quiet when three weeks ago he was all set to announce for Miami? Is it a case where Miami liked Porter more than Lowery and Lowery has serious interest in Florida? All I can tell you is that if Lowery would have gone public a week or two ago we might not be having this discussion based on what the Miami staff has said, which again is, we are only taking one more defensive tackle. That remains to be seen but we will know soon enough based on what happens with Lowery.

The other part of this is the Jheranie Boyd factor. From what I understand it is still Florida and Clemson. I know that many of you will say that he ends up at Miami. As we have seen over and over again anything is possible with regards to recruiting but in this situation I don't believe it will happen. I don't believe that Boyd even has one. It has been Clemson for a long time until he took his visit to Florida and was blown away. I still think for Boyd it is Clemson and Florida all the way unless Miami decides to offer him and then of course Porter will have an impact on him, but don't believe just because Porter announced for Miami that Boyd will follow.

Just one man's opinion on the situation but I assure you with or without Curtis Porter the University of Florida class of 2009 will be just fine. I enjoy speaking with Curtis, coach Frank Crockett and Joseph Johnson on this situation and will obviously continue to speak with all of them in regards to Boyd's situation.

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