Burton's Dedicated to Football

The Florida Gators received their second verbal commitment from the class of 2010 on Thursday when Venice (Fla.) quarterback Trey Burton made it official. Burton won't be able to receive a written offer for another month, but he did get a verbal offer from the Florida coaching staff.

Trey Burton grew up a Gator fan, and often plays online with his X-Box 360 as the Gators against other players across the country. In a few years, he'll be able to don the real Orange and Blue.

"I went to a quarterback camp in June," Burton said. "It was a week long camp with three practices a day for about an hour each. We were in groups of seven and coach Dan Mullen was always following our group around. Coach Mullen also wanted me to stick around when the practices were over so we could throw to each other. I guess that's when it first hit me that the Florida coaches were interested in me."

The last 48 hours have been hectic for Burton all culminating in him becoming the earliest quarterback in Gator history.

"This past Wednesday, head coach Urban Meyer called my high school head coach, John Peacock and they talked for about 30 minutes," he said. "Coach Meyer was telling coach Peacock how interested in me they were and the things they liked about me. Then the following day, coach Meyer called coach Peacock again to let him know they decided to go ahead and offer me a scholarship to play quarterback at the University of Florida. I called my entire family and we decided that this was it and the time was right, I decided to be a Florida Gator. It is such an honor to play at a program like the University of Florida and I think this is the earliest that they have offered a quarterback so it's just an honor. They have had great quarterbacks over the years with players like Shane Matthews, Danny Wuerffuel, Tim Tebow and Chris Leak and it will be an honor to follow in those footsteps."

Burton said there were several factors that contributed to him getting the offer from Florida.

"They offered me because they like what they see and they like how I conduct my self away from football," Burton said. "I am 100 percent committed to being the best quarterback that I can be at Florida. I want to concentrate on winning a state title and then a national title for Florida. Coach Mullen will get tired of me calling because I have a lot of questions to ask. I love to study film and it prepares me and helps me to get ahead."

Burton often spends time at home just studying game film. He'll have some of his teammates over to his house as well just to break down film.

"He has always been very serious about football, from the age of five," Burton's mother Cindy Burton-MacFarlane said. "We started them (he and his brother Clay) in flag football at the age of five, then tackle started at seven I believe, and Trey would come home from kindergarten at the age of five and say, ‘can we go down to practice early?' "He would get home from school at 3:30 and practice didn't start until 5:30 - five nights a week. I would say, ‘no Trey, practice doesn't start for another two hours, you need to have a snack, do some homework and take a nap before practice.' And he would say okay, and do what he was told."

"I remember one of the first big games I played in," Burton said. "I was in ninth grade starting at the safety position and we were playing against Lakeland. They were in the middle of three state titles in a row. I played against the Pouncey Twins and Chris Rainey and all those guys, so I know what its like playing in those type of games. I think its one of the reasons that Florida likes me. My strength is I can get out of trouble. I have the ability to scramble and find holes. I have been a running back all my life so it helps me to get where I need to be without taking big hits."

And his competitiveness is second to none.

"Trey absolutely hates to lose and we all now know not to try to talk to him after a loss," Burton-MacFarlane said. "We just let him go to his room, and stays in there for a few hours, and then he will come out to eat but he still won't talk for a day or so. He usually feels like garbage on Saturday mornings after a Friday night game win or lose because he sometimes has to play offense and defense and he works really hard during the game."

On the gridiron (and off), Burton is the field general of his team, even as an underclassman.

"He is kind of a control freak, always barking out orders to his teammates, especially on defense," Burton-MacFarlane said. "Coach Cooley got him a big white dry erase board, and the other day when I got home from work he was in the living room drawing out plays for like five or six of his teammates. I think the coaches may not understand that all the kids may not ‘get' what the plays are or where they are supposed to go, so Trey was drawing arrows and motions and what not so they can understand where they are supposed to go on any given play."

Burton also visited Florida State this summer, and even though the visit went well and it matched their faith expectations, it was the relationships in Gainesville that made him a Gator.

"We had a wonderful visit at FSU," Burton-MacFarlane said. "I fell in love with Jimbo Fisher and Bobby Bowden. Coach Bowden prayed with all the recruits on the field after the workout, and I heard he makes them all attend church on Sunday, which I love, but my favorite by far is coach Mullen, and coach Meyer of course."

Burton's mom was seen at Friday Night Lights wearing a "Future Gator Mom" t-shirt, but she said that her son's enthusiasm yesterday outshined her own.

"I will honestly say that Trey was a bigger Gator fan than me until yesterday," she said. "Now I am in love with the Gator Nation and will practice my chomp faithfully."

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