Offensive Newcomers Settle In

The newcomers on offense got their feet wet during their first workout of fall camp. For the most part, the 90-minute session was spent learning new drills and adjusting to the tempo of an Urban Meyer run practice. But a few things stood out on day number one.

We went in expecting to take a look at the three new wide receivers on Florida's roster, and instead only two - Omarius Hines and Frankie Hammond - were wearing the blue colored practice jerseys shared by the other offensive players. Lakeland (Fla.) Kathleen's T.J. Lawrence lined up with Will Hill and the safeties on day one. Lawrence hinted at Friday Night Lights that it might be a permanent move. Is it the guy Meyer referenced but left unnamed at SEC Media Days? We can't tell yet, but as for how he did, Larry Vettel will have that analysis when he breaks down the defense.

Another key note involves the other T.J. - T.J. Pridemore. There have been a few conflicting reports, but Pridemore spent his entire morning working out with the offense at the H-back position. During the individual drills, he was coached by tight ends coach John Hevesy and lined up on the line of scrimmage during 7-on-7s. Pridemore has great size, but definitely needs to work on his footwork. That should come as he gets more comfortable with the position. There were no pads, so there was little contact, but Pridemore showed that he could handle a noticeably exhausted Omar Hunter during the little contact they had at the end of practice.

As for the two receivers, I was most impressed with Hines. He has great size and hands and his routes were good going against Janoris Jenkins who already has a spring under his belt.

Frankie Hammond is smaller than Hines, and he too looked to get more comfortable as the morning progressed. It was tough to tell with so few players on the field on how his speed stacks up with the rest. He did have the catch of the morning when he hauled in a pass while doing a tight rope act along the sidelines.

We never got a chance to see Jeff Demps explode, but his speed and quickness was obvious. On the far side of the field, safeties coach Chuck Heater set up one of their most challenging footwork drills where they start in a backpedal, turn and sprint and then pivot and sprint. While the other skill guys focused on getting the steps right, Demps flew through the drill. It will be fun watching him when the whole team gets together and we can see him in the open field.

It was tough to get a good look at the offensive linemen because of their location on the practice field, but everyone was there and accounted for. David Young spent some time after practice doing some knee exercises, but other than that, all the linemen appeared to participate in all drills.

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