Randall Carroll Quick Hitter

Randall Carroll is one of the most explosive players in the nation. He has been a Southern Cal commitment since September 9, 2007, but is he keeping his options open?

At 5-10.5, 185-pounds and arguably the fastest player on the West Coast plenty of coaches would love to land a player of his caliber. Randall Carroll is currently ranked the 10th best wide receiver according to Scout.com and some think he could be as high as number two before its all said and done.

From Los Angeles (Ca.) Cathedral High School there isn't much he can't accomplish on the football field. Running back, wide receiver, defensive back Carroll has the ability to do it all. Now as far as which position he will play at the next level that depends on where he ends up.

"I don't know what I am going to play next year," he said. "It depends on what college I go to and what they want me to play. To me I don't think it matters. I never thought in life that I would make it this far in sports so I am happy to get a free education."

Some think that he could be the next Percy Harvin and clearly with what he does on the football field would be a perfect fit for the spread. He is dynamic in space and that's what the coaching staff at Florida tries to do, create mismatches.

The farther away a potential recruit lives from the University of Florida the less likely that potential recruit ends up in Gainesville. History has shown us this but it does happen. Will it happen with Randall Carroll? No one but Carroll can answer that but if he comes in for a visit, which he says he will, then anything is possible.

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