It was the Right Time for Reed

Even though Jordan Reed has only been playing football a short time, he was already starting to feel the recruiting pressures that go a long with being a top rated prospect. Reed at 6-3, 228-pounds with a 4.55 40-time from New London (Conn.) decided now was the time.

For Jordan Reed and his family it was about making the right choice and being able to put this decision behind them.

"I called coach Dan Mullen right around noon yesterday," said Reed. "I told him that I talked it over with my family and that we decided to be Gators. Coach Mullen was thrilled with the news and couldn't be happier. Then I was able to speak to coach Urban Meyer and he was real happy when I told him about my decision to be a Gator."

"I am very excited to be a Gator. It has been a lot of pressure on me but now I can put all that behind me and focus on my senior year but I am very excited to be a Gator. They both talked to me about the things that I need to work on this year to become a better quarterback such as becoming more vocal on the field and to speak louder. They want me to take charge from a vocal standpoint."

Reed was entertaining offers from programs such as Boston College, Penn State, Oregon, Maryland, Tennessee, Iowa, Florida and many more. In the end it came down to how he felt around the coaches when he was at Friday Night Lights.

"Man, Friday Night Lights was just plain crazy," he said. "It was so much fun and the facilities were overwhelming to me. I couldn't believe the amount of speed from the wide receivers that were on the field. I had a chance to speak to all of the coaches and they were all real cool with me. I had a great time down in Gainesville."

Even though football is new to Reed, one thing he doesn't lack is confidence.

"I have great feet and a very strong arm," he said. "I think I am a good leader and I love to compete. I love making big plays in tough situations. I outwork my opponents. I am kind of like a running back in a lineman's body. I have started every game. We were 11-0 last year. We will end next season at 13-0 and state champs."

Reed and his teammates are 100 percent committed to the cause of winning a state title and their work ethic in the offseason is the proof.

"The entire team has been lifting, running and doing different kinds of conditioning drills," Reed said. "I have also been working with the wide receivers on our timing."

On the "system" that Florida runs on offense it doesn't matter to Reed at all who feels that he can and will adapt to whatever the "system" becomes.

"It does not matter, I can adjust and be successful," he said. "I have run the pro-style. I have called and read the triple and double options under center as well as in the gun."

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