Doe: Defense has Better Attitude

Florida's weak side linebacker Dustin Doe said this year's Gator defense will be better in part because the players are more coachable. Doe said last year guys would get mad when they would be criticized but this year they're saying, "Yes, Sir" and trying to learn.

This defense has a lot to learn and a lot of improving to do if it is going to be part of making 2008 a championship season. Florida couldn't stop people when it mattered most in losing fourth quarter leads to Auburn and LSU and couldn't get anything done at all in allowing over 40 points to Georgia and Michigan. Those failures are why one of the nation's best offensive teams ended the season with a 9-4 record instead of finishing among the nation's elite.

Doe along with Brandon Spikes are the two givens in the Florida linebacking corps. The junior from Live Oak was second on the team with 85 tackles including five for losses and also returned a fumble for a touchdown against Tennessee. Still, Doe knows he could have played much better. Doe didn't play with the discipline he needed to last season, sometimes running himself out of plays. He also missed a lot of tackles, something no linebacker can make a habit of doing.

Speaking with Doe it's clear he is determined to strengthen every weakness in his game and to try and set the tone for the defense along with his running mate Mr. Spikes. We'll go one-on-one with the personable linebacker later in camp.

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