High Expectations for Hill

Will Hill was one of the most anticipated members of last year's recruiting class, and Gator Nation and the coaching staff have high expectations for the New Jersey native. But Hill has the same expectations for himself.

On Friday, Will Hill talked with the media at UF's Media Day and talked about his reasons for coming to Florida as well as his expectations and the team's expectations of him heading into the fall.

How are you handling the pressure that's being put on you right now?

"I like the pressure. I'm used to it. They put a lot of pressure on me in high school when I went in as a freshman. It's not as much as this, but with these guys around me, Major Wright and Ahmad Black, they're going to have me ready to play."

Are the other guys helping you learn the position?

"I am sitting behind guys learning and trying to play themselves, but I will do my part to learn and get out on the field."

What were you thinking when you heard what happened to Dorian Munroe?

"I watched it happen. It was shocking to see and hear the results of his injury. It wasn't a happy time, but I was like okay here's your chance and opportunity, go out and make the best of it."

How have Ahmad Black and Major Wright been able to help you out?

"If I don't know what's going on they'll sit down with me after the meetings and tell me what's going on. On the field, they'll tell me this is what you do and this is what you don't do. Before camp even started, they sat down and told me this is what the coach's expectations are, so you have to be ready."

Whose the best receiver you've gone up against?

"Louis Murphy. He comes out and plays hard every day and every down. He cuts no slack for anyone. Looks can be deceiving. He's a freak of nature."

What were you thinking when you heard that Cornelius Ingram was out?

"It hurt my heart to see and hear that he went down. He's one of the team role models and I actually looked up to him because he was always pushing me to be better."

Do the older guys spend a lot of time with the younger guys?

"Yes, we did a lot of bonding together. We went to the gym together, went out to eat with each other and hung out. Just to hear that he went down, it hurt the team."

Do you feel like the defense doesn't get the respect they deserve?

"We talk about that every single day. Not only as the defense, but also as the secondary unit, we're not getting the respect. They have us in a team's meeting room. We don't even have our own meeting room. We have to prove every day in order to gain respect from the team and the SEC."

What do you mean that you don't even have your own room?

"We don't have own our room. We have 150 seats in our room. Everyone else has their nice team rooms with their lounge chairs and we're in this cold room to watch film. We don't have the right to have respect. Last year, we were a very young secondary and we have to earn our respect. We have to do what we need to do."

What do you think about the high expectations being put on you?

"There are always high expectations and I put high expectations on myself. I know the coaches expect me to learn this in the next 2-3 weeks. I have to get ready to play in front of 90-plus. It's so overwhelming that everyday is a struggle and a fight to get ready to play. I'll be ready and prepared."

Why did you choose the SEC being a New Jersey guy?

"That's where the best go. If you want to be the best you have to play against the best. That's what my father always taught me. I'm seeing the best on the field, and that's what I want to be."

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