The Way Things Stand

Over the last couple months it has been a three man race at the quarterback position for the class of 2009. Does the recent verbal announcement of Jordan Reed mean the Gators are done recruiting at that position?

For as long as I can remember, all we have talked about are Jordan Reed, Morgan Newton and Denard Robinson for possible quarterbacks in the class of 2009. With Reed on board does that mean the Gators are done at this position? I believe they will likely take one more quarterback in this class and that quarterback should be Denard Robinson.

Robinson is incredibly athletic and can do a number of things from that position that other current Gator quarterbacks can't do, namely run a sub-4.4. He is exceptionally quick and his top end speed goes without saying. All things being equal between Morgan Newton and Denard Robinson, I believe that when the staff has the opportunity they will most likely go for the in-state player when they can.

Robinson stays in touch with the staff on a weekly basis and told me as recently as last night that things are progressing nicely with the Gator coaches. On the other hand, Newton also stays in contact with the coaching staff on a regular basis.

One thing to consider might be the Brandon McGee factor. McGee for several months has told me that Ohio State was going to be his choice but within the last couple of weeks had a change of heart. I think that one of the reasons he decided to stay close to home was due to the economic situation. I think that this could also have a direct impact on players like Jamaal Berry.

It is becoming very expensive to travel in today's market, and I think you will see this start to impact prospects who are considering out of state teams. It wasn't cheap in the first place, but how many times can a family afford to fly from Miami to go watch his or her son play at Ohio State? It is not as simple to say that every prospect, given the opportunity, will stay in state. But when making a tough decision between two schools, it's safe to go with the school closest in proximity. Every situation is different and you would need to apply different factors accordingly, but at the end of the day, home is where the heart is.

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