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I thought now would be a good time to write an inside access piece since we haven't had one in a while. The first thing that I want to let everyone know is that recruiting is going great right now with Florida being in on a lot of top talent from all over the place, not just the Southeast.

Those of you that were in chat on Monday night, or that read the chat recap, know about the big time 2010 defensive end who now has offer from the Gators. As soon as the written offers can go out to underclassmen he will receive one. I would say that he will be the top player in his state or close to it. This particular player will also be here in the next month if all things go according to plan and I expect that they will. He has a lot of ties to the program and likes the Gators a lot. I don't want to put his name out there for the obvious reason of the intense amount of in-state pressure he will receive. That will, without question, be unavoidable for him, but no sense cranking it up right now for those in-state schools to get all over him even more than they already are.

There is also a cornerback that is from out of state that is looking real hard at the Gators and he will be in Gainesville at the same time as the 2010 defensive end. He could fill the void at one of the corner spots this year, but again I want to see what he thinks after his visit to Florida.

I also mentioned a player who no one knows about that will be coming in for a visit very soon. He is a player at a need position for the class of 2009. He has never been to Gainesville and is extremely fired up about getting down to see the campus, stadium and football facilities. The Gators have had some recent success in his home state, and I feel pretty good about him but want to wait and see how his visits goes before I write him into this year's class. For the same reasons that I don't want to put out the 2010 player's name apply here as well. After he visits I am sure that his name will get out and I can tell you more about him at that time.

The point that I am trying to make is there is a lot of information and strides that are being made by the coaching staff with players that the general public isn't aware of but that doesn't mean that recruiting is going poorly. Actually, just the opposite, and if you ask me, I think it's going tremendous right now. With the players that the Gators have verbals from coupled with the players that are still looking at Florida, I think it will be a very special class at the end of the day.

It is obvious that the Florida/Miami game will attract a TON of visitors, official and unofficial. We could see anywhere from 200-300 prospects in the stands for that game. One of them will be Andre Debose. He told me this morning that he will definitely be here but isn't sure if it will be for an official. Without giving too much information, I think that the Gators are right where they want to be with a number of players, including Jon Bostic, Denard Robinson and a big time 2009 five-star player that plays on the defensive side of the ball. As recruiting fans we need to remember that recruiting is not a sprint to the finish, but more like a marathon. And the Gators are right where they want to be at the midway point.

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