Moore Comfortable

Urban Meyer said he was crushed after watching Carl Moore's performance on the football field in the spring. The expectations were high for the junior college transfer from California, but he was coming from a simple offense to the Gators' complicated spread option and it took some time for Moore to adjust.

"I didn't know the offense was going to be this tough," Carl Moore said. "It was like going from middle school to college."

With great size (6-3/220) and speed, Moore was expected to come in and become a dominating SEC receiver from the get-go. With his progression since the spring, it may still happen, but there has been a learning curve for Moore during his eight months in Gainesville.

"The offense [in junior college] was a lot more basic," Moore said. "We just went and beat our man. We only had like 12 plays, so I didn't have to deal with adjustments. I knew the spring was going to be tough."

Moore was frustrated during the spring, and it caused him to play slow. He wasn't the speedy receiver Meyer thought he had found, but it turns out that Moore's initial struggles are pretty much par for the course for new Gator receivers.

"During the spring I was just out there running," Moore said. "If you do too much thinking then you start to second guess yourself and you can second guess yourself into doing the wrong thing. Now that I have all of that down, I don't have to worry about it anymore."

At first, Moore relied on support from his position coach. Billy Gonzales was patient and understood what the transition period was going to be like.

"I went in [his office] all the time," Moore said. "He knew before I got in there. He would tell me that he could tell I was having trouble and that the offense was tough. He told me he just needed me to go, just go hard. They pretty much knew how it was going to be in the spring."

Understanding the impact Moore could have on the offense, senior receiver Louis Murphy took Moore under his wing. They went out every day during the summer and worked with quarterback Tim Tebow on route running and reading defenses, and Moore was able to gradually learn the offense and gain a level of comfort.

"All summer, I've been working real hard on routes and the playbook so I can play faster," he said. "If I don't have to think, I can play faster."

Moore kept an upbeat attitude about the whole situation, and Gonzales and Murphy were there for support. Now, Moore has worked his way from a guy running around during team drills to someone being considered as one of the first team receivers. But it's not the individual success that Moore is concerned with.

"We're concerned with becoming the best receiving corps," he said. "We're not concerned with the ‘I' or ‘me' or anything like that."

With his size, Moore is an easy target, and during fall camp, he's become one of Tebow's favorite targets.

"I learned all the little signs so he can check me," Moore said. "When we go into the huddle, I can just look into his eyes and know that he's looking at me like he wants to go to me on this play."

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