What Would You Do?

A lot of people have said to me, "Man, I would have taken this wide receiver over that wide receiver, or I would have taken one extra safety instead of that fourth offensive lineman." Now is your chance to be the head coach of the Florida Gators.

For argument sake I will list a number of players that may or may not be on the board for the Gators at this time, not all of them will be listed but most of them. It will be your job to figure out for whatever reason why a kid may or may not be in the class. I will set the number at 20 and given the fact that Florida stands at nine verbal commitments for the class of 2009 you have only 11 spots to fill out the class.

Make sure you list the position of each player you decide to take. I don't think many of us realize just how tough some of these decisions are for the coaching staff and thought you would enjoy doing this.

Wide Receiver:
Andre Debose
Marlon Brown
Jamal Patterson
Marlon Brown
Rantavious Wooten
Josh Robinson
Kendall Kelly
Jheranie Boyd

Running Back:
Trent Richardson
Jaamal Berry
Rodney Scott

Morgan Newton
Denard Robinson
Kevin Newsome

Tight End:
Orson Charles
Gabe Holmes
Malcom Bush
Darion Howard

Offensive Line:
Xavier Nixon
Chris Freeman
Morgan Moses
Kyle Koehne
Johnnie Farms

Defensive Line:
Antwan Lowery
Arthur Jeffery
Isaac Holmes
Ryne Giddins
Nick Kasa
Dyron Dye
Kedric Johnson

Jon Bostic
Jarvis Jones
Jelani Jenkins
Nico Johnson

Ray Ray Armstrong
Frankie Telfort
Jawanza Starling
Zeke Motta
Tevin McCaskill

Dre Kirkpatrick
Michael Carter
Jayron Hosley
Charles Sawyer
Branden Smith
Terry Shankle

Roughly 45 players or so and you only need 11. It would be easy to pick the 11 highest rated players that are listed, and I am sure some of you will do that (Bull). Try to use all the factors that I listed in yesterday's article, "The Art of Recruiting".

For those of you that didn't get a chance to check it out, they are the following: how many times has a prospect visited, does he or his family have ties to the program, does he have former teammates that are on the roster, proximity, depth chart, system, ability to compete for conference titles, national titles, campus, academics, facilities, relationship with the position coach, relationship with the head coach, is the head coach an offensive or defensive coach, coaching stability, where did the prospects parents go to college, etc...

These are all factors that you should try to use when determining who will be the additional 11 prospects in the class of 2009. Once you determine which players you think will be in, you need to try and project how they progress at the next level. Have they reached their full potential from a physical standpoint or how about the maturity level?

There are so many things to consider besides how fast a kid can run. Enjoy and good luck. I look forward to reading your responses. Also, if you think there is a player that I did not list that has a good shot at being in the class, you can add him in but explain the thought process behind it. We will save your mock classes until National Signing day and see how you did.

Post your class here...

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