Coach Zook Weekly Q&A Luncheon

Ron Zook spoke to the media today at his weekly press conference. Inside are quotes of what Coach Zook had to say. Keep in mind that because of the gag order Coach Zook placed on the players there are no comments from them this week.

Head Coach Ron Zook comments on Saturday's regular season finale vs. Florida State during his weekly media luncheon:

On getting the team focused for FSU:

"I apologize for the inconvenience (not making players available to the media this week), it wasn't something I planned to do or meant to do. I made a decision that I felt was best for our football team. This football game is important for a lot of different reasons: it's important to our seniors, to everyone on our team, and it's important to our staff. It's an opportunity to go up there and do something that hasn't been done for a long time, and I really felt it was important that our football team focus on this football game and not any extracurricular activities or anything else. I again apologize, but I feel this was important for our football team."

On Florida State's offense:

"The football team you're going to see is not the team you saw this past weekend. I can't stress that enough on our football team. I think we have learned our lesson this year: you have to be ready. This is a rivalry game and this is a good football team. They've won a lot of football games over there and there's a reason. We have got to be ready to play."

On FSU quarterback Chris Rix:

"The thing, seeing Rix, that I didn't realize until I started watching tape, the guy is a heck of an athlete. The guy can scramble, the guy can get out of trouble. He's a running quarterback that puts pressure on you."

On Rex Grossman:

"It's hard for me to get on Rex Grossman because he wants to win. Some of things that make Rex a great player are sometimes things that get him in trouble. If you look at every great quarterback, that's the case. Every time Rex takes a snap, he thinks he's going to throw a touchdown and I do to."

On players loyalty:

"I think our football players trust our staff. These players feel like thy can relate to our staff, they can talk to them and don't take everything personally. We've gotten to know them and we've been around the players. If you want a player to give you everything he has, then I believe you have to give them everything you have. It's a two way street. If you want a player to respect you, then you have to respect him."

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