Vettel's Five and Five

After each Gator game this season I'll be offering up my viewpoint on the five most positive and negative things about the Gators' performance. You of course will be responsible for agreeing or disagreeing with my assessments and I look forward to some live discussions.

Since the season opener was such an easy win, we'll start off by being a party pooper.

Five Worst Things -----

1. Penalties, penalties and more penalties. You should never line up off sides four times in a game. They jumped, they misaligned, they held and they roughed a punter among their many indiscretions.

2. Left Tebow in too long. Florida has got to get its No. 2 QB ready to play. So why, may I ask was Tebow running out on the field midway through the third quarter up 42-0?

3. Missing tackles. It wasn't a big deal, but early in the game Florida let Hawaii control the clock and possession time with repeated failures to make stops. Every team Florida faces this year will try to play keep away and good tackling is a key to getting three-and-outs.

4. Blitz pick up. Sure seemed like the Warriors got a lot of clean shots at Tebow, and the next two opponents will hit him a lot harder.

5. Krummy Kickoffs. They got to practice them a lot, but they weren't very good. I say let Sturgis kick it as far as he can and quit worrying about kicking to spots or going for the high, short ones.

Of course when you win big there's a lot to be pleased about, and no doubt the Florida staff will have the same problem I hard narrowing it down to five items. But they don't have to, and I do.

1. So much for safety concerns. Florida doesn't have Reggie Nelson, but game one is a good indication that Ahmad Black and Major Wright will give Florida vastly superior play to what the Gators got from Tony Joiner and Dorian Munroe. Each of the Gators' starters took an interception back for a touchdown, but more importantly they were where they were supposed to be all day long. They will face much greater challenges in the near future, but day one was very impressive.

2. Defensive aggressiveness. Florida came out a little hesitant against the shovel passes of the Warriors, but Florida soon got much more aggressive. Plenty of games up front and not too much cushion from the corners.

3. Big plays abound. Florida scored from more than 30 yards out running and passing, returning and defending. That makes winning a whole lot easier. We expected this to be a big play offense, but it appears to be a big play defense and special teams as well.

4. Lotsa bodies. The Gators seemed to do an excellent job of getting a number of players involved throughout the afternoon. This is a very deep roster at most positions and it's good to see it utilized.

5. Lawrence Marsh. He seems to be the kind of player that many of us have been waiting to see for the past two years. He was active inside, blew up some plays and registered an important early QB sack.

It was not a tough game, nor was it supposed to be. The Gators showed some positive signs and areas of weakness, but those areas will be tested far more vigorously in the next two contests.

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