Tebow on Hawaii

It wasn't a typical Tim Tebow day, but the Gators still got the job done, posting 56 points on last year's champion from WAC. After Saturday's game, Tebow talked about the Gator offense.

Cameron Newton came in and ran the goal line offense, so you didn't have to take the pounding. Can you talk about what he did?

"It's definitely nice. I'm not sore, and I think I can go condition. Cam is a very good runner. He's a very big boy, and if he can go in there and take some of the pounding it will be nice at times."

You showed off a lot of weapons today. How do you make sure you use the full arsenal?

"We have a lot of weapons. The key is making sure we use all of our weapons. We have a lot of guys with experience and we have guys all over the field that can step up and make big plays. They all had real great games. Today, it just really opened up for us. They gave us some looks that we were able to take advantage of. We still have some things to work on with other stuff, but as far as them getting the ball in their hands, they can go. We'll get the rest of it coached up."

It looked like there were a couple of errant snaps. Can you just talk about the job Maurkice Pouncey did?

"I don't think there were too many that were an issue. There was one early that Kestahn Moore caught, but it was supposed to be to me. Other than that, Maurkice did a pretty good job with the snaps. At times you get a little jitterish with the first game and everything."

Your streak of rushing and passing for at least one touchdown ended today.

"Records are meant to be broken."

What was it about the Hawaii defense that allowed to open up the running game?

"They did some nice odd blitzes, but for the most part, it was six-men in the box. We should be able to run those plays every time unless they bring someone else into the box."

The big plays prevented you from going out there and gaining any consistency. How might that hurt you?

"It doesn't bother me. We'll get our consistency in practice and in games when we can put together long drives. But for the most, we want to get big plays. If you get more than a 20-yard play on a drive, your percentage of scoring goes up 60 percent. Those big plays can only help us and I don't think it hurts our consistency very much."

Can you talk about playing Miami?

"It's playing ‘The U'. I've never done it before and I'm excited about it. You probably have about 80 percent of the state of Florida is going to be in Gainesville next week. Game Day will be here. There will be a lot of hype. No matter how good they played teams last year or whoever they play for the rest of the year, they will play their best game of the year next week against us. Hopefully, we'll do the same because it's a rivalry. All those kids, whether they were five-star recruits or not, it doesn't matter. Everyone is going to play the best that they can on that day. They're going to come ready to play and we have to do the same thing."

What did you think of the defense making all those big plays?

"It's a lot of rest time that I'm not used to. They were beating us in points for a while. I don't know if we ever caught up to the defense and special teams, but it was great to see them go out there and plays so well."

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