Football Diary with the Burtons #2

Venice High School standout quarterback Trey Burton and his mother Cindy Burton-Macfarlane always knew they wanted to be Gators and now they are. Fresh off his recent pledge to the University of Florida, it's been hard to tell who is more excited, Trey and Cindy or the Florida fans, lets just say its to close to call.

Trey Burton profile

And once again, a special thanks to Cindy Burton-Macfarlane who provided us with this update.

We won 44-21 Friday night. Then we went to the Gator game yesterday and they won 55-10. Trey and Tim Tebow got very similar press, the Herald Tribune said Tebow was "insignificant" in his win, the Venice Gondolier gave Trey a C+ grade.

I think both Trey and Tim Tebow know the value of a win and don't need five touchdowns themselves to be happy. My brother Mark always says "don't read your own press", so I will give you my account of the weekend.

Friday night was "work out the kinks" night at Venice High. Our defense spent 75 percent of the time on the field, because either we scored with one play on offense or on a punt. Translation, Dri Archer got the ball. He had six touchdowns, he is becoming very similar to Chris Rainey. He is a senior and Trey has played with him for six or seven years. He put on more than 20 pounds of muscle this summer and he was clocked at Friday Night Lights at 4.39 in the 40.

Trey played two downs on defense, he can tackle with the best of them. Speaking of tackling, Clay had a good night with two sacks and five tackles. He has a spark about him that is contagious! The best part of the night, in the fourth quarter when we knew we were blowing them out, a few of the senior offensive lineman, Lopez, Nagle and Gilbert, started doing the chop, (we are the Indians by the way), with the cheerleaders and facing the crowd, so cute. It is all about the seniors this year. As we look towards playing Riverview this Friday, we will have a lot more options available on offense. Thank goodness.

On to our visit in Gainesville on Saturday... What an honor it was to feel so welcomed by the University of Florida. The entrance to the "recruiting area' was blocked off by barricades and security, but I knew that was where coach Mullen told us to go on game day, so I swallowed my fear and said let's try it. We walked up to the security and they said "you must be a recruit" to Trey, and he said Trey Burton, and they said "come in and welcome". We walked into the recruiting area, the Gator "Cicerones" were so helpful in getting us checked in, breakfast was waiting with ESPN playing on the flat screen. We hooked up with Mark Pantoni, coach Meyer's assistant, who took us out to the field, I'm talking ON THE FIELD while the Gators were warming up.

Ian Silberman sat with us and a big kid named Jon [Halapio]. It was such an honor to sit on the field and watch the game. They treat you so well, and like I have said before, it strangely enough feels like home!

It is such a different perspective to sit on the field, and then you see the players as real people. They are football players, just like Venice High School football players, only older and bigger. You almost have to pinch yourself to believe you are sitting where you are sitting. It didn't hit me until after we were leaving with the masses and masses of people and you see binoculars hanging from their necks and you realize how high up some of those seats are and how happy you just were to see the game from such a great view. Especially when the Gators are coming toward you, to see them score a touchdown in the south end zone and hear the crowd go crazy is electrifying to say the least.

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