Silberman Football Diary

The Florida Gators landed arguably the state's top three offensive lineman in the class of 2009 and turned their attention to the class of 2010 with a huge pick up from yet again on of the state's top offensive linemen in Ian Silberman. Stephanie and Warren Silberman have graciously agreed to provide us with insight into Ian's practices, games and hobbies.

Ian Silberman profile

Ian stays in touch with the UF coaching staff more often than me and he should. He's practicing everyday and wearing his knee stabilizers, walking like the terminator and adjusting to those things. Coach (Lil Chip) Chipolitti (Lil Chip is the offensive coordinator, Big Chip is the head coach) told him to continue to step up as a leader and continue to motivate the team. Ian was excited about Lil Chip wanting him to be the leader, and Ian stepped up to the plate. Practices have been longer and harder due to the time taken off for Hurricane Fay. The coaching staff needs to ensure all players are performing at their best and when inclement weather disrupts practice, the team has to make up for it and show they can produce.

Tuesday was the coaching staff/booster meeting with the parents. The coaching staff informed the parents the roles of the coaching staff and how it relates to the parent and student-athlete. We must have a partnership not just during the football season, but the entire time our sons play football. Coach Chip is doing a great job. I look forward to his speech, especially when he tells the parents he does not come to his or her work place and tells them how to do their job, so expects the same respect.

All week Ian was trying to figure out how to get his hair cut. It was a ritual last year to get his hair cut on game day and for me to bring him a snack or meal around pre-game meal time. He needed this, because he reminded me when I didn't bring him his snack/meal and he did not get his hair cut, they lost. What a guilt trip...huh? So he got his hair cut on game day and Thursday, we made spaghetti and meat sauce for some of the players for the pre-game meal. I had to mention this, Ian is taking American sign language instead of French or Spanish. With those big hands, he will have the ability to sign in 3-D.

Last night Fleming Island had their preseason game. We were excited because we headed back to Bartram, the team that ended our Friday night lights, ending the Eagles' chances of winning their first championship. Those boys had a score to settle and they did. Ian said overall he had a pretty good game but this comes from one of the most humble young men I know, and I'm not being biased, really.

Today, Ian and the rest of the guys (his dad, and brothers Curtis, 22 and Jacob, 11) went to the UF-Hawaii game. Ian said he talked with Trey, coaches Meyer, Mullen and Addazio. His first Florida game was exciting and other fans told him the games are more exciting when the Gators play rivals and other SEC teams. Besides the rain, he said it was a great game and it was exciting to watch his future teammates in action. Next week I will join them at the Miami game and I promise not to wear my Georgia shirt. Those Gator shirts are looking nice...

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