Football Diary with the Burtons #3

Venice High School standout quarterback Trey Burton and his mother Cindy Burton-Macfarlane always knew they wanted to be Gators and now they are. Cindy has been nice enough to provide a football diary for as Trey goes through his junior season.

Trey Burton

From what I heard, yesterday's practice went really well, although they ran an hour late which interferes with the Touchdown Club/Linebacker Club dinner every Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. Clay got defensive player of the week, so I "made" Trey go as well to support his brother. Clay looked so nice in his shirt and tie. Monday's practice was rough (holiday, so practice was from 7:00 a.m. to noon), because they have to pay for "loafs" every Monday. A loaf is when you miss an "assignment" or any kind of non-hustling effort I guess. You circle up and say "I am Clay Burton and I let my team down five times" and the entire team does five up-downs for your loafs. I think the team in general had 40 or 50.

This morning, Trey resumes his early morning devotions with Rodney, team chaplain. They meet at a restaurant within walking distance to the school and pray and have devotions every Wednesday morning during the school year. I belong to Mom's In Touch and we meet every Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. at our leader's house to pray for all our kids and each school represented. Our Football Moms and Fans Club has finished handing out "Venice Indian Lives Here" yard signs to each VHS football player and coach (over 150 in all) so each neighborhood is well represented!

A win against Riverview this Friday will really set the tone for the rest of the season. Our offense ran 29 plays last week, and Trey perfected 11 of the 29. He met with coach Cooley Monday night to break the film down and correct his mistakes. He is so fortunate to have coach Cooley, who is extremely detailed and who goes over each option and teaches Trey so much. I know Trey is so pleased with the knowledge he is gaining, and the one-on-one time he gets to improve his performance and lead his team to a winning season. Venice is such a wonderful place to raise a family. I feel very blessed!

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