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Here is a taste of what we call our new Fightin' Gators News Flashes. We have shortened the name to FG Flash just to simplify, but these little bits of info provide some golden nuggets to our subscribers before you can read about this stuff anywhere else.

What you are missing on our message boards...

With so much front page material we are bringing to you here at FightinGators.com we sometimes don't have room to share all of the news on the front page. We often times use the message boards to bring you some of the latest and greatest news about your Gators. Sometimes it is stuff we cannot quote sources for one reason or another but we feel very secure in sharing the information. Make sure you pay close attention to our message boards to catch some of the latest goings and comings of Gator football, basketball, and recruiting on our insider message boards.

Here is some of what you may have missed just this week. If you read it anywhere, you could have read it here first.

Gator Football, Miami week.

FG Flash: Percy is ready. Hollywood Bob has some good scoop on your Florida Gators.

FG Flash: Gator running back needs the ball....more scoop


FG Flash: Is 4-star linebacker Jon Bostic going to make the game Saturday between Florida and Miami? (with quotes)

FG Flash: The Gators denied attendance of one 5-star prospect for the game on Saturday, find out why here.

FG Flash: This 4-Star receiver is committed elsewhere and will attend the game on Saturday. (with quotes)

FG Flash: 4-Star cornerback will visit the Swamp Saturday.

FG Flash: Florida speedy receiver will visit Saturday.

FG Flash: 2010 tight end will make it to the Swamp for rivaklry game. (with quotes)

FG Flash: New 2010 offer for stud California RB.

FG Flash: 2010 WR gets written offer from UF. (with quotes)

FG Flash: Gators offer stud 2010 DT.

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