Four-Star Linebacker Enjoys The Swamp

The Florida Gators had a wild time in The Swamp Saturday night with the Miami Hurricanes. It was a close match for three quarters until the Gators experience and muscle took over. The list of prospects in attendance were big time for the game, and there was probably no bigger name than four-star linebacker Jon Bostic (6-2, 225) of Palm Beach Central.

Bostic had a great time in Gainesville and learned a little more about the Gators who he lists as one of his favorites.

Over 90,000 fans were packed into Ben Hill Griffin Stadium Saturday night to see Florida finally dismantle the Miami Hurricanes. The crowd in the stands was at times as much fun to watch as the game itself according to Bostic.

"The crowd was crazy," Bostic said on Sunday. "We were coming in and had to switch sides of the street one time because groups of 20 Miami fans and Florida fans were getting after each other. We were just laughing but had to switch sides of the street just to hurry up and get there.

"The game was exciting. I always enjoy going to games there, but it was a little different. I saw a lot more of the other team's fans sitting there. Where I was sitting there were a lot of Miami fans and Gator fans so they were talking all game when the score was close."

Bostic learned a little more about the Florida defense and the personnel on the roster Saturday night. He was kind of surprised at the size of the Gator linebackers when they originally showed up on campus.

"It was a real good game," Bostic said. "Florida's defense played real well. I like their aggressiveness. I talked to a couple of linebackers when coach Strong introduced me to them. I just knew a couple of players from the area, Janoris Jenkins and Deonte Thompson. He wanted to introduce me to Spikes and I questioned him. Strong asked me if I wanted to play middle linebacker since Spikes is probably leaving early. I thought I was a little too small for middle backer. He told me to ask every linebacker how much every linebacker weighed when they came in. There was probably one or two that were over 200 pounds coming in and the rest were around 200 or less."

Although he never said it was out of the question, Bostic believes his natural position is the weak side linebacker spot. He prefers to work in open space a little more.

"I am at 225, but I prefer the Will linebacker spot because I have a lot more speed than most of the other linebackers and can still run with safeties and corners," Bostic said. "I like coming off that back side without that tight end and trying to get one-on-one with a tackle."

Bostic still has eight colleges that he is interested in. He wants to narrow it down and that is coming. He knows where he wants to visit next.

"As far as schools I want to get to, I don't have an order but I know Florida is one of my top schools," he said. "LSU, Miami, Florida State, USC, Auburn, South Carolina, and Clemson are all up there. I am still trying to narrow that down,. Hopefully every week I can do that. I am trying to get out there to the USC-Ohio State game for an official visit, but my dad said it's a possibility but not sure."

Bostic is a two way star for Palm Beach Central and Friday was no exception to that. Although the opponent ran away from him while he was playing on defense, they needed a few flag happy referees to stop him on offense.

"We won 36-10 over Cardinal Newman," Bostic said. "I did real well. They ran away from me most of the game. But, I had 10 carries for 95 yards. I should have run for over 150, but we had a lot of penalties. At half we had 12 penalties and they only had two. "

Next week comes a huge game against perennial powerhouse Glades Central. Bostic will be ready. will be covering his season and his recruitment every step of the way.

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