Gators Taking Full Advantage of Bye

Urban Meyer is making the most he can of an early season bye week. With some extra reps for the second teamers and younger players, Meyer said this is the time that those guys can really improve and make names for themselves with the coaching staff.

No. 4 ranked Florida (2-0) will continue to practice through Thursday before Urban Meyer gives the team the weekend off. Then the focus will turn to the SEC opener at Tennessee, which the Gators are getting a little head start with their preparations.

"We were putting Tennessee in today," Meyer said after practice. "It was minimal and we have to clean it up because it was a sloppy day, but you expect that. We tried some stuff we wouldn't try on game week because we don't have the time. We'll clean it up for tomorrow. We'll go hard again tomorrow and then lighten it up on Thursday."

One goal for the Gators during the off-week is to get redshirt sophomore running back Emmanuel Moody more involved. The USC transfer didn't play a down against Miami and only carried two times for two yards against Hawaii.

"We expect a lot more out of him," Meyer said. "We're going to get him going."

Meyer said the mild ankle sprain suffered by Moody just before the Hawaii game set him back a bit, but mainly it's getting him comfortable with the offense.

"He's just getting a little more comfortable to the offense," Meyer said. "We're force-feeding it to him right now. The thing is with this offense is that people say it's complicated and it is. There's a lot of stuff to it. It works. It's not just guys running into piles. We try to do a lot of stuff."

Meyer also commented on several other players after Tuesday's workout.

Punter Chas Henry -- "He's a powerful guy. The thing that I like most about him is his professional approach to college football. If everyone had that, I ‘d be heading home right now because I wouldn't have to worry about anything. When he first came here, he was stiff, he wasn't flexible, and he had some issues. Now, I know I've got my punter. I don't know about anyone else. He can throw, he can run, he can do a lot of stuff."

Defensive tackle Torrey Davis -- "He's making a little push. He's not completely out of the doghouse, and won't be for a while, but he's at least taking care of himself."

Linebacker Lorenzo Edwards -- "He's got a long way to go. He went of kickoff and did a little better. He's a talented guy, but we tell the tiger to go bite, and he's got to go bite. But he's a great young person and he'll be fine."

Defensive tackle Brandon Antwine -- "He's doing some contact. He's not full go, but that would be a great success story."

T.J. Lawrence -- "T.J. Lawrence is a guy that's starting to separate himself and might see some reps this year. Bryan Thomas, Moses Jenkins and John Jones, there are some guys that have to start contributing and being a part of this team. I'm putting the pressure on them because they're all good guys. This week is big for that."

BYU/Washington Reaction

Most college football fans were disgusted with Saturday's call at the end of the BYU/Washington game. Washington had driven and scored at the end of the game to get within an extra point of forcing overtime against No. 15 BYU. But then Huskies' quarterback Jake Locker tossed the ball in the air and was called for unsportsmanlike conduct. It cost Washington 15 yards on the extra point attempt that was blocked by BYU who escaped with the win.

"It was awful, horrible," Meyer said. "I can't imagine that. We coach it hard, but we also coach passion and enthusiasm for the game. The thing I try to teach is to not ever embarrass an opponent. Go jump on a teammate. The minute they take that out of the game is when I go and coach golf or something."

"That's not what this is all about. I couldn't disagree more with that. Now if he threw the ball in an opponent's face or threw the ball at a guy, then absolutely. Louis Murphy last year got a 15-yard penalty after a touchdown for doing the Gator chomp and jumping in a teammate's arms. That was absolutely ridiculous. If he threw his helmet in the stands, then absolutely."

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