Hollywood Bob's Private Screening - Part II

Welcome to Part II of the return edition of Hollywood Bob's Private Screenings to Scout.com. In part one we concentrated on the team itself and have heard little disappointment. Now we'll go as in depth and as thorough as we can with the prospects the Gators are recruiting for 2009. Come on inside to our message boards and check out the newest version of Hollywood Bob's Private Screening.

This has been the most different recruiting season I have followed since I became enamored with recruiting in 1997 with the eventual signing of Emmitt Smith to a letter of intent. Never have the Gators or even most other teams recruited early and as hard as they all have this recruiting season.

Not only has the board itself at each position been very fluid, the numbers that were slotted at each position have been more fluid than ever also.

Hollywood Bob breaks down his interpretation of the entire recruiting board for the class of 2009 inside on the FightinGators.com message boards. We know you will find some surprises inside, new names, new numbers at different positions and the like. Click the link below and find out for yourself the latest from Bob and his cohorts.

Hollywood Bob's Private Screening -- Part II

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