Football Diary with the Burtons #4

Venice High School standout quarterback Trey Burton and his mother Cindy Burton-Macfarlane always knew they wanted to be Gators and now they are. Fresh off his recent pledge to the University of Florida, it's been hard to tell who is more excited, Trey and Cindy or the Florida fans, lets just say its to close to call.

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Our win against Riverview last Friday was huge, sort of like the Gators beating Miami. It wasn't a district game, but a "cross-town" rival, and a win against them really sets the tone for a fantastic season. They have so many talented athletes, and we got ahead early and never looked back. I just peaked at coach Cooley's breakdown of our game. Out of 49 offensive plays, Trey got a few "goods", two "great passes", lots of "ok's", two "your faults" and one "our fault" meaning the coach's fault, plus a couple of "carry out fakes better" and other things I don't really understand.

Coach Cooley is so meticulous and detailed and I'm so glad. I can only imagine that coach Mullen is very similar. Just so you know, coach Cooley is the reason Trey is in the position he is in today. Coach Cooley was basically dropped out of heaven into our laps back in January of this year, and I am so grateful for every minute he spends with Trey. Of course, coach Peacock, or as I refer to him as "the Mastermind", is responsible for bringing coach Cooley to Venice High, so all praise eventually goes to coach Peacock for planning this all out.

Trey needed expert advice if he is going to succeed at the next level, and I know coach Meyer and coach Mullen will have to change many things about the way Trey plays and teach him so much about playing at the college level in the SEC which is ridiculously fast paced and the pressure is immense I can imagine, but coach Cooley, coach Peacock, coach Shannon, coach Bartlett and Ryan are teaching Trey how to lead, because he likes to lead by example, but they are also teaching Trey (and Clay) how to be a man. It's such a blessing.

Trey got offensive player of the week last night at the touchdown club/linebacker club dinner. He is becoming a very good public speaker. Coach Cooley, as he introduced Trey for the award, told about Trey breaking the school's passing record on Friday night, and the touchdowns and total yards and some other stats, but then he said, what no one else sees about Trey, is after such a huge win against Riverview, and everyone is celebrating in the locker room, and eventually everyone files out, Trey stays behind and picks up the last pieces of garbage off the floor so the locker room is clean before he leaves. It was so sweet and it is things like that that touch my heart.

Our team photographer, Armando Solares takes fantastic pictures of things that most parents don't get to see, like the players taking a knee in the weight room before the game and praying with Rodney, our team chaplain and the coaching staff. I love the "inside" info we get sometimes. Although our win was fantastic this Friday, of course Trey is very hard on himself and sees much room for improvement.

We play Braden River this Friday, a non-district game at home, and we would like to see them get ahead early, just like they did against Riverview, so all the fans can relax a little and enjoy ourselves! We had a huge crowd Friday night, I love the sea of green and white.

We returned to The Swamp on Saturday, our home away from home, for the Miami game We arrived early because we heard it would be packed, and it was. Trey got to meet Nick Alajajian, and Ian Silberman was there again. I look at boys like Nick and Ian and I am amazed that Trey will have them as his big bad lineman. What a thrill to play with the best of the best!

The Gators are fantastic and the crowd was pumped! It was a beautiful night game and with ESPN there, you can't ask for anything better. Speaking of lineman, I am especially proud of our offensive lineman, and I promised them Rice Krispie treats every Thursday at our team meals if we keep winning. We have the most fantastic team this year, and our coaching staff is unbelivably smart and outgoing, and it is such a pleasure to be a part of this community And then when I dream of being a part of the Gator Nation, I can hardly sleep it is so exciting! We are so sad the Gators have a bye week, we will miss our weekly trips to The Swamp. Sure wish coach Meyer and Mullen could come down to Venice to see us play this Friday night.

In our Mom's In Touch meeting this morning, we prayed Ezekiel 22:30 and for a "hedge" of protection around these football players, we read in the paper this morning the Arthur Jeffries of Booker High School in Sarasota, Florida may have torn his ACL in last week's game. He is a senior that attended Friday Night Lights and the Seminole Showtime this summer with us. Our heart goes out to him.

Thanks again to Cindy Burton-Macfarlane for providing us with this report.

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