Jason Higdon's Inside Access -- Defense

Maybe you haven't heard of it yet, but FightinGators.com has been home to one of the more insightful and on the money recruiting segments on the entire Internet. That the segment is all about your Florida Gators makes it that much better. "Inside Access" has been a staple at FightinGators.com for quite a while now and Jason Higdon brings you the latest and greatest on the class of 2010.

With the Gators sitting on nine verbal commitments for the 2009 class I thought it was time for us to take a look at what the 2010 class holds. As excited as I am about the way the Gators will finish the 2009 class I am equally excited about what next years class will bring. Here is my Top 25 for the class of 2010.

I came up with this list based on three categories. Number one, does the player have genuine interest in Florida. Number two, does Florida have genuine interest in the player, I use a multitude of sources to come up with this information. Number three, do I believe that the Gators could realistically land the player.

The prospects below are listed in alphabetical order. Part one was all about the offensive side of the ball. It was a bit lopsided as it has 16 of the Top 25 2010 prospects. Today we talk about the defensive side of the ball and the last nine members of the Inside Access top 25.

One last note before we begin. There are certain prospects for the 2010 class that have been kept off this list to protect certain interests. They will be revealed at a later time, but for now this is where I stand.

Jason Higdon's Inside Access -- Defense

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