Football Diary with the Burtons #5

Venice High School standout quarterback Trey Burton and his mother Cindy Burton-Macfarlane always knew they wanted to be Gators and now they are. Fresh off his recent pledge to the University of Florida, it's been hard to tell who is more excited, Trey and Cindy or the Florida fans, lets just say its to close to call.

Cindy has been keeping a detailed record of Trey's junior season, and here's her latest update.

We beat Braden River this week 31-17. Trey had three rushing touchdowns. It poured for about two hours prior to the game and then it was as humid as can be during game time, so not too much passing was going on. Despite the win (3-0), our coaching staff isn't very happy, I think they feel that we should put teams away, by a lot, and so I hope that is what we do this Friday against Sarasota, another cross-town rival. Venice hasn't beaten Sarasota in four years, so this should be the year.

I am very happy with the way Trey played, Braden River played with three defensive lineman and they blitzed the linebackers on almost every play, but of course Trey knew that because he (and the coaching staff) scouted Braden River's game film from the week before, and since it didn't seem like Trey had very much time with all the blitzing going on, he ended up with numerous carries for almost 100 yards. I will, of course, make Rice Krispie treats for the offensive lineman because we won, and that is the deal, we win, they get Rice Krispie treats.

Clay had a great game also with numerous tackles, assists and two pass deflections (he is so tall and his arms are so long). He played both ways as they needed him as a tight end. Trey also plays free safety and ended up punting some, which is something he did last year as well at times.

At our touchdown/linebacker club dinner last night, Coach Peacock said if we don't beat Sarasota by 28 points or more, the coaching staff will consider it a loss. I'm not sure if he is kidding or not, I'm thinking he is serious, and I believe what the coaching staff is trying to do is to sharpen these boys into fine tuned football players, which I can understand and appreciate. If they want to play and succeed at the next level, they must improve every week.

At Mom's in Touch this morning we prayed Deuteronomy 31:6 for the boys, which they would "be strong and of good courage and fear not because the Lord thy God goes with them and will never leave them". I'm so grateful for a chance to pray on behalf of Venice football. Next Wednesday is "See You at the Pole" day where students, teachers and parents can meet at schools across the country to pray before school.

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