Fightin' Gators Top 13 - Week Four

This weekend we saw the Gators reaffirm their dominance over Tennessee, and Georgia make an impressive trip out West. We got to watch a great contest between SEC West rivals Auburn and LSU and an eyesore of a game from Tallahassee.

A familiar name again tops the list of coaching greats, and another familiar name heads up the list of BCS party crashers. With that, here is the weekly assessment of the nation's best from the lawless firm of Vettel, Chmielenski, Redman and Cline.

1. Southern Cal
2. Oklahoma
3. Florida
4. Georgia
5. Missouri ------
HC: Chase Daniel is ridiculously good so far this season. Just look at the numbers (76%, 1,412 yards, 12 TD, 1 int).
6. LSU ----------- LV: Jarrett Lee's ability to throw downfield has the LSU offense improving in a hurry.
7. Texas
8. Wisconsin
9. Alabama
10. B-Y-U --------
CC: Save a BCS spot for the Cougars this season. This offense is a fantasy league dream team.
11. Penn State --- BR: JoePa passes Bobby and he will never look back again. Legitimate team in a non-legit conference will win a bunch of games this season.
12. Texas Tech
13. Wake Forest

Dubious Achievement Award -----
We have to pay tribute to FSU Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach in waiting Jimbo Fisher who benched Drew Weatherford in favor of rookies Christian Ponder and D'Vontray Richardson. Well in their first game against a real opponent the two newbies combined to complete 12-of-36 passes for 118 yards and 5 interceptions. In 16 games as the FSU offensive master mind Fisher's unit has scored 30 points just three times. Those explosions came against UAB, Western Carolina and Chattanooga. So what's Jeff Bowden doing these days?

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