Hollywood Bob's Private Screening

It has been only two weeks since the last one, but we have uncovered enough stuff to come at you with yet another edition of Hollywood Bob's Private Screening. Today we will take a look inside the team and what is going on as they prepare for Ole Miss and try and play up to their top four ranking.

Urban Meyer has been able to build some depth at Florida with past recruiting classes and this is the time when that depth seems to be paying off. There are numerous positions where players are being pushed by others to get on the field and that can only lead to making both better. There are also some ailments being monitored and some talented players are there to step in if need be.

Here, we will take a look at that and also a look at the recruiting that is continuing on at Florida. Scout.com came out with their latest recruiting rankings and Florida comes in at No. 26, but also has the lowest number of committed players than any team ahead of them. The Gators should continue to rise up the rankings.

We will spot light on offensive line recruiting for 2009 and also talk a little bit more about the rest of the board. Come on inside to the message boards at FightinGators.com and see the widely acclaimed piece of inside talk about the Gators known as Hollywood Bob's Private Screening.

Hollywood Bob's Private Screening

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