Football Diary with the Burtons #6

Each week Cindy Burton-Macfarlane brings us an inside look at life on and off the football field with her son Trey. There is no better place to keep up with Trey Burton and his younger brother defensive end Clay than the Football Diary on

I am so happy to report we beat Sarasota 39-0, fantastic game; our defense was unbelievable, I'm not sure if Sarasota had any positive yards. Trey had four passing touchdowns and one quarterback sneak for a touchdown. I love that play, even my mom can call that play out, if we are 2nd-and-goal, everyone in the stands has no doubt what's going to happen.

I think Trey looks fantastic, he and Coach Cooley are still not thrilled or happy, but I see him maturing and making wise decisions under pressure. I notice him doing things like running up field to block for Dri Archer (our running back) and I've asked my four brothers if they have ever seen a quarterback do that before? I also notice him going over to talk with our kicker if he misses an extra point, I know he can empathize with a soccer player trying to perform before thousands of football fans, it can be nerve racking. Trey was 14 when he started for the varsity as a freshman; it takes time to be able to focus on performing with all the distractions and pressure. Of course, when he plays safety, he is constantly barking out orders to his defensive backs. He will make a great leader one day because he knows what everyone else should be doing at all times.

So far this year, Trey has 582 yards passing, 30-for-50 with six touchdowns, and 184 yards rushing on 39 carries with five touchdowns. The latest rankings have Venice 9th in district 5A for the state of Florida, with St. Thomas Aquinas in first place.

Clayton was a beast Friday night; he was concerned about keeping his starting position on the d-line as he is only a sophomore, so he showed up and messed some people up. Coach Shannon, our defensive coordinator, said at the Touchdown/Linebacker Club dinner last night that he would hate to see our game film if he were an opponent. Our d-line is so strong and quick and large, they have no mercy! The coaches are teaching them the importance of not letting up when we are ahead. Shutouts are good.

We start our district games this Friday against Lakewood Ranch in Bradenton. They are 0-3, we are 3-0.

At Mom's in Touch this morning we prayed II Chronicles 20:15b, that our boys "would not fear or be dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not theirs but Gods". Today was "See You At The Pole Day" where students and teachers could meet before school and pray, I'm so grateful that my boys find this a priority in their lives. God is so good.

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