Football Diary with the Silberman Family

The Gators are off to a great start to the 2010 recruiting class with two early commitments from quarterback Trey Burton and offensive linemen Ian Silberman. Both of them are at the top of the list in the state at their respective positions. We are very fortunate to be able to bring you this inside look with not only Trey but Ian as well. A special thanks to Mrs. Silberman for this week's diary.

The Eagles are 3-0. The game Friday night was down to the wire. We won 17-16. The Eagles are ranked 10th in the state for 5A.

Ian has received 10 more offers since our last entry but he is fully committed to the Gators. I think I saw some blue and orange blood when he cut his hand at practice today. Our defense is really looking good but teams continue to under estimate them. I say to those people, please continue to do so, let the smooth taste fool you.

Those guys are a HIT, seriously. Ian is getting stronger and better. He had a really good game but getting information out of this kid is like getting money out of my husband, Mr. Fort to impossible. Ian is modest, that's why he has me.

This past Friday's game was a win the Eagles needed. They needed to beat Columbia because this would be the first win against them and last year they (FI) had some questionable calls against them. The Eagles had to prove they could beat Columbia and they did. No one got past Ian. He had two players rush him at the same time, knocking the kids down, each time. He assisted in clearing paths for Malcom Jones (running back) for 112 yards, and Dee Freison and Robert Boswell for a combined 70 yards. The other teams did not see Malcom coming this season either.

So far this season, Malcom has rushed for 410 yards on 34 carries behind his great offensive line. Friday night the Eagles will face Ridgeview, another rival, a Clay County thing. Ridgeview has a throwing game and we have the defense to stop them and an offense almost as fast as Usain Bolt .

My Take:
The Florida Gators are very fortunate to have two players of this caliber committed at this time for the class of 2010. Both Silberman and Burton carry themselves on and off the field and display that one percent of the one percent that head coach Urban Meyer often talks about. High character kids with great family foundations and it's no secret that it starts with Stephanie Silberman and Cindy-Burton Macfarlane, both do an outstanding job and give new meaning to the term "football mom".

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