Four-Star PF will visit UF this weekend

Billy Donovan and company are still working hard on recruiting and still looking to fill out more of the 2010 class. With that in mind, they have been hard after Jacksonville (FL) Paxon power forward Patric Young. Young told he will be visiting Gainesville Saturday and in The Swamp as the football Gators play host to Ole Miss. Donovan and company should be not far behind.

With his first high school game of the season a little less than two months away, Patric Young is working hard to get in shape for the rigors of the season, but Saturday he will visit a familiar place. The University of Florida

"I am coming Saturday. It is an unofficial visit for the day with my mom, grandma, my dad, and my grandfather," Young said Thursday night. "I told my grandmother she is coming, she didn't want to come but I told her she was coming. She is a big time Gator fan."

As it turns out, grandma is a big Gator fan because Young's cousin is is a Gator great and former NFL wide receiver. Grandma is someone that Young really pays attention to.

"It started when my cousin played football at Florida, Travis Taylor," Young said. "She lives about 15 minutes away, but she is special to me. She really loves me"

Florida isn't the only one recruiting Young, that is for sure. His 6-7, 190 pound four-star forward has a huge list of big time college basketball programs after him, "Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, South Carolina, Memphis, UConn, Arkansas, Kansas, Kansas State, a bunch of them."

The Gators do hold a special place for him though. He has been around Gator basketball for a long, long time.

"I just grew up watching them," he said of the Gators. "I didn't really like Miami colors or Florida State colors, so I just liked the orange and blue. I really started following them back when they had Peep (Anthony Roberson) and Matt Walsh. I have met Peep and Joakim (Noah).

One of his favorites so far has been Gator great Al Horford, who Young patterns his game after and who he credits with helping him with his devastating baby hook shot.

"I played with Al, we worked out together," Young said. "That was great, he is a beast. His size is tough. He taught me a lot of stuff. He helped me with my hook shot, that is my killer shot. I probably score about 10 points a game from that hook shot."

Young is constantly on the phone with Gator coaches and that has probably stepped up a great deal this week with the upcoming visit. Coach Shaka Smart is recruiting him, while Head Coach Billy Donovan also has done his part and is really on the big man from nearby Jacksonville.

"Coach Smart likes that I am a beast on the court and a nice guy off the court," he said. "I think I am like Dwight Howard. Everyone says we look alike. They call me baby Dwight.

"I have the best relationships with Coach Donovan and Coach Smart. (Coach Smart) is always wanting me to call him. I probably call him twice a week. Coach Donovan is 'the man'."

Young is looking to take that baby hook shot to a new level this year. His team was well rounded in 2007 and they scored evenly across the lineup. In this, his junior year, Young believes they are going to lean on him a lot more for scoring and over all play in the paint.

"Last year we all scored evenly but this year I am looking to score about 25-30 points a game and I am going to crash the boards," he said. "We should have a team that could go to state, it is just going to be how bad we want it."

Young sees him taking a lot of the leadership role this season and that will definitely start with his play on the court. However, he feels his hard work every day is what will set the tone for his teammates.

"I think I am a leader," he said. "I help keep the team together and I am the last one to give up. I am the first one in the gym and the last one out."

There has been a lot of talk about this weekend and the trip he is taking to Florida. The whole family will be here, the frenzied crowd of a football game, and the over all Gator euphoria that surrounds a sporting even in Gainesville. With all that in mind, Young believes it will be a while before he is ready to make a decision on where he will play in college.

"I will probably decide in my senior year some time," he said.

We will check back with Young after the weekend, to see how it went.

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