Hill Waiting his Turn

Most thought Will Hill would be the starting safety this fall after Dorian Munroe suffered a torn ACL during the summer workouts. But sophomore Ahmad Black beat out the nation's No. 1 safety prospect, and now Hill has accepted his role and is just trying to get better.

"I've been doing what I've been told to do," Will Hill said earlier this week. "The coaches have told me that special teams is one of the ways to win the game. I'm just trying to perfect the game plan and go out and do special teams, help out on defense and play hard on every play."

Hill has been playing well, posting nine tackles this season. Against Tennessee, he had three.

"People think that special teams is just something you go out and do, but not here at Florida," Hill said. "They really push it and it's part of the plan to win. If you don't have good special teams, you're not going to win."

Hill has bought into Florida's special teams, which is only going to help his play on the football field and his standing with the coaching staff. But his goal is still to work his way onto the first team defense, and he's getting a lot more comfortable with the playbook.

"I'm very comfortable," Hill said. "The whole coaching staff and the other players on the team, Ahmad Black and Major Wright, help me out with the game plan every week."

Both Wright and Black have spent extra time with the true freshman.

"They help me out with the plays," Hill said. "They tell me where to lineup and they stay up late at night and go over the playbook with me. They meet with me early at like six o'clock in the morning to go over film."

Hill said his goal is to give 4-6 seconds of full effort on every single play, and as long as he can do that, his time will come.

"I was never guaranteed a spot," Hill said. "It was just coming out here and working and who could understand the defense better and who would compete. Obviously I wasn't ready. We have a lot of talent on this team like Ahmad. Ahmad is playing great right now, and I wish him the best of luck. For me, I'm just trying to get better."

And should he beat out Black or be put on the field for any other reason, he'll be ready.

"I'm just waiting for my chance," he said. "When my number is called, I'll be ready to play."

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