Why on Earth?

I have kind of sat back and read through most if not all of the posts from this past weekend's game. For the most part I think what I read is exactly what I expected to read. The one thing that concerns me is that most people are saying that we use Percy Harvin and Tim Tebow way too much.

The question I have is no one seemed to complain when the guy brought home all the hardware from last year. Percy Harvin is the most explosive offensive player in the nation. He goes for 260-plus total yards and yet people say we used him more than we should have? He couldn't be stopped I have no problem with the staff calling his number at all, why on earth would you?

Do you believe that the ball should be divided up evenly amongst Percy Harvin and Chris Rainey? No offense to Rainey but I have seen Percy do it against the best teams in the nation and on a national stage. Chris Rainey adds a different element to the Florida offense but the expectations that fans were putting on him before the season started were unfair and no way he could live up to what people expected him to do. Now when Harvin is gone Rainey will then get his chance to show what he can do week in and week out but right now all you will see is flashes here and there, it is not easy to do what Percy Harvin does game in and game out when healthy and everyone knows he is the guy you must contain.

I know everyone has a bad taste about this game but the fact is that Florida lost four games last year and they have lost one this year a couple weeks into the season. I am not sure why I am reading so much negativity about the coaches right now. Did they forget how to call plays, did they decide to wake up and not use other weapons on this team, and are they making it easy for opposing defenses to key in on one or two players? I will let you be the judge of that but all I can say is just because a kid does great things in high school does not mean that he will translate at this level.

There are so many things going on with players over the course of the year as to why they may play or may not play and some things aren't for the fans to know or even understand but that's just how it is. The defense gave up 31 points at home and yet you basically see nothing about the way they performed? Sure Snead was only 9-20 but numerous missed tackles and bad angles by the defense all day long. My point is sometimes the players must make plays and it is up to them to accomplish that. Dropped balls, fumbles, missed assignments as well as missed wide receivers all contribute to the total team effort not being up to par.

Those players play for the University of Florida and it is up to them to come out and play with fire, passion and an emotional intensity unmatched by their opponent and to me the players had none of that. Tim Tebow is the Heisman Trophy winner. Brandon Spikes is talked about as one of the emotional leaders of this team and they need to grab the bull by the horns and get this team fired up. Coaches can only put the players in position to make the throws, runs, blocks, catches etc but they can't execute those actions it is up to the players.

Would I like to see Deonte Thompson and Chris Rainey get more touches, sure I would but based off what exactly? They looked good in the spring game or against lesser competition, not saying that they can't do great things because I think they can and will but when Percy Harvin goes for 260-plus and people say Rainey should have had more touches that kind of shocks me a bit and I don't understand it. Now I do understand that "balance" is key in football and if you spread it out a bit more than you become quote on quote "less predictable" and it becomes tougher for defenses to know where you are going with the ball.

I do tend to think that if you have run a play regardless of the fact that everyone on the planet knows what you are doing and you still make it work then keep it up. I have no problem at all on that fourth down call; the execution on the other hand was questionable at best Win with your best players or don't and right now Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin are the best players so I don't mind the staff leaning on those guys. If anything my concern would be to get the younger guys more touches for next season and to lighten the load for Tim and Percy this year to help keep them fresh. It is a loss and no one likes for the team they pull for to get beat but it is an early enough loss coupled with the fact that Southern Cal and Georgia so it doesn't hurt them as bad.

I just hope that when you post when things are going bad that you remember that these are just kids, these are not NFL players, not yet anyway. When you don't come with your "A" game week in and week out in this league you are subject to get beat on any given Saturday and that's exactly what happened to the Gators this past Saturday. They will right the ship on Saturday at Arkansas and settle back down in the Swamp for LSU in 12 days from now. If the Gators get beat by LSU and then win out beat UGA and win the SEC Championship is the season a failure? Basically what I am trying to say is there is a TON of football to be played so let's play it and see what happens shall we?

On a side note Bob and I spoke right after the game and decided that we wanted everyone (Fightin' Gators Members) to be able to speak freely about the game and express whatever concerns you may or may not have. For the most part that is exactly what we have done but all the negativity has caused me to take more than 25 phone calls since Saturday from potential recruits and parents wanting to know if this is how Florida Gator fans act every time the team gets beat. Right or wrong just something to think about moving forward.It is okay to question decisions but the venom in which you do it with does present a problem. People ask me all the time will that win or loss help in recruiting and for the most part kids don't base decisions off a win or a loss. What they do watch more closely is how the teams, players, fans and staffs act after a win or a loss.

Don't forget tonight chat at 10:00 p.m., and Larry Vettel will be in starting at 9:00. You can all take it out on me or actually take it out on Bob now that I think about it. Again though this is just one man's opinion. See you in chat tonight.

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