Suggestions Going Forward

Okay, so the Gators have to kind of re-evaluate things after their stunning loss to Ole Miss. Even though 30 points and 443 yards should be enough to win just about every game there's work ahead for the Gator offense. Even though the defense was forced to take the field with Ole Miss already past midfield six times, there's stuff to do there as well.

That's where I come in with a half dozen suggestions to move this team forward quickly. I say quickly because the most talented team on the schedule, LSU comes to town in a week.

Eliminate Five Wide ----- Florida's offensive line has not been stout enough against pressure and the obvious solution is give them some help. Keeping a TE or FB in for added protection is something that just has to happen. With Florida's skill talent, four receivers should be enough for someone to get open. And an extra guy in there could be a leading blocker on a QB draw or could go out as a safety valve.

Kick Field Goals ----- Florida passed up on two opportunities passing on a 48-yard FG try against Ole Miss. In a one point loss, that doesn't look so good. Neither decision made sense to me. In the first quarter it was 4th-and-3 and a perfect time to see how Jonathan Phillips (4-for-4) handled a longer try. Late in the game even if you gain the first down you're still looking at a 47-yard field goal unless you gain more yardage. The decisions not to kick have to have undermined Phillips' confidence at least a little.

It's Deonte Time ----- This kid has too much talent to get one ball his way each week. Florida must continue to work to diversify the offense and Thompson give you a better long term prospect than Cooper or Moore.

Re-establish Kestahn Moore ----- Florida's top running back from a year ago averaged 5.6 a carry with six touchdowns in 2007. This year Moore has just 11 carries for 30 yards (2.7/rush) after four weeks. With Emmanuel Moody out, Moore is Florida's only chance to get the inside running game going.

Find a spot for Dunlap and leave him there ----- I love the potential that Carlos Dunlap has, but he is not far enough along in his development to be wandering all over the place. Put him at one DE spot and let him master that position. Maybe next year you can play some games with him, but not now.

Give Gator fans a Thrill ----- You had to be impressed with the quality of play Florida got from its safeties in the first three games. Less so in game four. It's time to find ways to work uber-talented rookie Will Hill into the mix. I'm not saying he's ready. I can't say that without seeing practice every day. But I do think he needs to get more playing time, perhaps as the deep safety in the nickel package with Wright playing nickel. Great defenses have an "eraser" back there and "The Thrill" is the best chance for that to emerge.

I've got more, but let's see how this works first.

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