Silberman Football Diary

Ian Silberman and his mother Stephanie Silberman have graciously decided to provide with an inside look on and off the field. Here is this week's Football Diary with Ian and Stephanie Silberman.

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This week the coaches were very tense because Friday's game was an inter-county rivalry, Orange Park being the biggest. So to say the stress level was high would be an understatement. The pressure is on to remain undefeated and to win state. Did I tell you the Fleming Island Eagles won again, beating the Ridgeview Panthers 49-28? Ian did not let up any sacks and allowed Rookie Gunn enough time in the pocket for him to throw for 224 yards and two touchdowns. Ian also assisted in Robert Boswell's rushing for 131 yards; don't have rushing yards for the other guys.

Ian said this was his best game because this was the game the team needed to win. They had to prove they could beat Ridgeview, even though there were some questionable calls, and to show everyone that Fleming Island is one of Florida's premiere football teams. On that note, defense had another great game, holding a high powered offense to 28 points and forcing two interceptions.

Saturday, the boys headed to Gainesville to see the Gators and Ole Miss play. Ava, Jacob and I watched the game at home and it was a heartbreaker. I don't know what happened but I know the Gators were not playing their game at all. They played Ole Miss' game and I wanted to hop in my car, run on the field and pull the switch on the Gators and tell them to get their head out of the sand and beat Ole Miss silly. After tripping, I felt bad for the guys because they knew they should have won but one mistake after another (quicksand) caused them to crash and burn. Anyway, I could not have done better because the closest I came to playing football was powder puff and that does not count. They have a great coaching staff and the best football players playing college ball. The Gators will recover, and kick some okole for the rest of the season! Next week Fleming Island will travel to Episcopal, the first away game of the season.

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