Arkansas' Interesting Numbers

You watch some video of the Arkansas Razorbacks and you quickly realize why Houston Nutt was willing if not eager to make the trip from Fayetteville to Oxford. Bobby Petrino inherited a roster that did not have a whole lot of talent. Arkansas was one of the oldest teams in the SEC last year, and this season they are paying the price for losing all that talent.

The Hogs are 2-2 on the year, but that's deceptive. Arkansas had to rally from double-digit fourth quarter deficits to beat Western Illinois (28-24) and Louisiana-Monroe (28-27). In the last two games they have been outclassed by Alabama (49-14) and Texas (52-10). If the results alone don't tell of the troubles they're having, some of these numbers should do the trick.

3 ------ The number of interceptions that opponents have returned for touchdowns. No Arkansas player has caught as many TD passes from Razorbacks quarterbacks as their opponents have.

4 ------ The total number of times Arkansas has sacked opposing quarterbacks. Teams have thrown 104 times against the Hogs.

-7 ----- Arkansas' turnover differential is one of the ten worst in college football. The Hogs have turned it over nine times with just two takeaways.

12 ----- That's Arkansas' rating (dead last) in the SEC in amazing number of statistical categories. They are last in the league in scoring defense, rushing defense, pass efficiency defense, interceptions, field goals, field goal accuracy, kickoff coverage, sacks, sacks allowed AND 3rd down defense.

17 ----- The number of times the Arkansas quarterback has been sacked. That average of 4.25/game is the worst of the 119 major college teams.

24 ----- The number of points they scored in the last two games combined.

38 ----- The number of points Arkansas averages allowing a game

111 --- The number of points they allowed in the last two games combined

191 --- The number of rushing yards they allow per game

I could go on, but you get the point. This is a weak football team, but it won't be for long. Bobby Petrino did a tremendous job at Louisville and his passing attack is one of the two most advanced in the SEC. However he is learning something that another current SEC coach learned. It doesn't matter how good the scheme is unless you have the right guys to run it.

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