Holla at Hollywood

Here is our third installment of Holla at Hollywood, where Hollywood Bob Redman answers your questions. I will use my many sources and contacts if I have to to come up with the most direct and informative answer I can give. Here is this week's questions and be sure to email Bob with any questions of your own.

First of all, let me say I really enjoy this segment. I like reaching out to the folks and it keeps my ear to the ground so to speak and allows me to stay in contact with what the readers want to talk about and what questions they have of their Gator program. After all, that is what our subscribers are here for, getting the latest about their Florida Gators.

Here we go...

Holla 1: On more than one occasion reference has been made that our play book has close to 500 plays in it, yet in the loss to Ole Miss I think I actually counted 12-14 different offensive plays. We seem to like to call the same plays over and over again. Why have such an extensive play book for QB's and RB's to learn if you never use more than a dozen or so plays?

Holla Back: First of all, I don't think the play book has 500 plays although if you count formation possibilities for each play I can imagine there will be hundreds.

I watched the same game you did and I came away feeling like they were not vanilla and they actually opened up the play book for Ole Miss. I do believe they were holding back in the first three games, most likely on purpose for Hawaii and Miami, but the Tennessee game was probably due to the quick scores and the fact they jumped to a commanding lead early

The Gators opened up the Ole Miss game on the first play with a play action bomb that went incomplete. They tried running it inside a few times with Percy Harvin and Emmanuel Moody and it worked, and then couldn't get it to work with Chris Rainey and Jeffrey Demps so they basically abandoned it later. They threw intermediate and long, they through to the outside and inside. They ran option, toss, and more. Honestly I believe they were pretty wide open.

The inside runs are what catch most people's attention and their failures are what stick in people's minds, but the fact is there were plenty of sucessful inside runs on the day as well as those that weren't.

I think the Gators are planning on opening it up a little more like they did against Ole Miss and if they can stop from turning the ball I believe the offense will start to get going even more.

Holla 2: I'll look forward not back, so quick question about moving forward. You think the talk of Torrey Davis this weekend in Arky just sets up TD's availability for LSU, the more important game? Or does it just set up two weeks later, after game six as many had speculated, so it's not just out of the blue?

Holla Back: As you know, I was one of the folks that thought it was going to be a six week suspension and said as much on a caravan I was a part of back in August. But, as I said in my first Private Screening here on FightinGators.com, just before the Tennessee game, I heard that the suspension may be lessened and that was due to Davis really turning himself around and really doing the right things now. The timing is about right from what I expected as long as Davis stayed on the right course, and he evidently did.

No way does Davis make that trip to Arkansas unless the coaches believe he can play in the game. First, you are limited to a 65-man travel roster, which I think is a really stupid rule. Second, it doesn't match up with Meyer's beliefs in team participation and punishment. No reason to represent the team in uniform unless he is a real team player.

Holla 3: I questioned Demps losing his redshirt given how many studs are in front of him on offense and it was explained to me that he is valuable on special teams and he will be an Olympic hopeful in a couple of years anyway. But how about Omar Hunter?? I'm not sure I see the reasoning on him losing his redshirt. Your thoughts?

Holla Back: It is too early to question redshirts in my opinion. If we get to game eight or nine and some of these guys are playing so few downs then I can understand it. But, in the case of these two, I think things are even more different.

Jeffrey Demps has already made a great play on special teams (safety) and has played in all but one game on offense so far this year. He has shown his explosive ability and is someone they want to train in the offense and have him ready. There are only Percy Harvin, Chris Rainey, and Kestahn Moore ahead of him now with the injury to Emmanuel Moody so I think he really does need to be ready every week and put in situations where he learns as the Gators go.

Omar Hunter is second team right now at nose guard and an injury to marsh and he would be in the lineup. Slowed by a back injury when he arrived on campus, Hunter is just now getting into football shape and played a few serious downs against Ole Miss. I look for his role to increase and finally start pushing Lawrence Marsh for more playing time and that says a lot as marsh has played well all year.

Holla 4: Zeke Motta was recently offered by the Gators, what does that offer mean to the recruiting board at linebacker or safety?

Holla Back: That is a great way to ask the question as Motta is truly a tweener and could play linebacker or safety. I heard he was being recruited as a linebacker but the truth is he is such a great athlete he could play safety and has enough speed to do so. I saw first hand that Motta was a star at Florida's camps this summer, and I honestly was shocked he wasn't offered right away after leaving. He has size at 6-3, 215, and speed enough to cover slower receivers and tight ends. I say sign him up and let him play where he fits the best.

As far as the board goes, I think the linebacker board is a little more set than the one at safety right now. It is strictly my opinion, but I think that the Gators look good for Jon Bostic and Jarvis Jones at the time. I don't think either of them would be swayed away by Motta, especially since Motta may very well be a safety and those two are definitely big linebackers.

At safety there is a little more uncertainty and I believe that the top two right now are Josh Evans and Jawanza Starling. There is nothing really certain about those two, so this may be the fit for Motta in the end.

Holla 5: What does the commitment of Kedric Johnson mean in regards to recruiting defensive ends Ryne Giddins and Dyron Dye?

Holla Back: Again, Johnson came to camp and was really impressive. He came the two days that Gator commitment Gary Brown was at camp and the two hit it off, but also really pushed each other. Had he run a little faster forty time, Johnson would have gotten offer way back when. In the end, the ten yard dash is more important for defensive ends than the forty and Johnson is a flash off of the end.

I do think it means that one of Giddins or Dye is likely not in this class. Which one, we will have to see. This is recruiting with a long way to go, but if I had to say it is more likely that Giddins is in the class at the moment than Dye. Again, just an educated guess for whatever that is worth.

Now it's your turn. Time for you to "Holla at Hollywood" with your questions about the Gator football program. Just email me at bob_redman67@yahoo.com and I will do my best to answer your questions regarding Gator football.

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