Hernandez Putting Ole Miss in the Past

After Saturday's loss to Ole Miss, Aaron Hernandez had a bad taste left in his mouth. The sophomore tight end fumbled the ball after a big gain on a shovel pass, contributing to the Gator struggles last weekend.

Hernandez has worked on the little things this week in practice to ensure it doesn't happen again.

"You never want that to happen," Hernandez said. "I just have to take care of the ball, keep it tight and don't fumble anymore. … I let the ball get loose and away from my body. We've been working everyday on keeping it tight. They ended up getting a hand in there and striping it."

Hernandez has tried to pick up the slack after Cornelius Ingram was lost for the season. He's had to grow up fast, and he was off to a strong start before it took a small hit during Saturday's game.

"[Ingram] was a great tight end, but I'm trying my hardest just to step in and get the job done," Hernandez said. "There's more pressure on me because instead of just knowing some of the pass plays and some of the run plays, I have to know everything. I have to watch more film and study more."

"He's got a lot of plays," wide receivers coach Billy Gonzales said. "When you look at the reps of individuals you want to look and see the quality of their reps. You want to make sure you maximize the amount of reps they take, but still perform at the top level. He's been playing pretty darn good."

"I had no choice to mature because I've come from a 13-play guy to a 40-50 play guy," Hernandez said. "I had to mature and step up."

Last week is over and the Gators have placed all of their focus on Arkansas. It's the best thing for a team after suffering a devastating loss like last week's to the Rebels.

"We're just looking forward," Hernandez said. "We know we have to go out there and win. We have a great game plan going. We're going to continue working hard. … When the team's losing, you just have to forget about it, keep fighting and move forward."

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