Harvin Ready to Get Back on Track

There wasn't anyone who played a bigger role in Florida's offense last week than Percy Harvin, but his fumble deep in the Gators' own territory set up Ole Miss for a score.

After the fumble, Harvin said it took a little while to move on, but it was important to get past the Rebels and start looking towards Arkansas.

"Anytime after a loss, no one feels good," Harvin said. "We have a strong team. We've been battling all year through injuries and stuff. We'll go a little harder and execute our offense a little better and just go a bit harder."

The moving on process began on Sunday when the Gators had a team meeting followed by a workout. One of the themes of that meeting was to re-energize them since all the goals are still intact despite last Saturday's loss.

"We all got together and said hey let's go," he said. "We've had some good practices, so we'll be all right. It was nothing like after the Auburn loss in '06. … We're still right where we need to be as far as winning the division and getting to the SEC Championship Game. We can't drop anymore, but we all got together and we're going to work a little harder."

The offense last Saturday was obviously missing its timing. Florida could have easily blown out Ole Miss if it weren't for a few passes that were mistimed between Tim Tebow and the receiving corps.

"Normally [Tebow] doesn't miss us," Harvin said. "On offense we were off, but we'll get it down. We'll get the timing down. … Our offense wasn't executing the way it's used to. It's not the points. It's blocking and the turnovers. We pride ourselves in not putting our defense in bad positions and we did that three times."

Harvin puts a lot of pride on his ability to protect the football, so he put a lot of the blame from last weekend's loss squarely on his shoulders.

"Me personally with the fumble, I felt like that was a big part of us losing giving them some points," Harvin said. "I watched the whole game about six times, but I've put it behind me now. That was the first time I fumbled since my freshman year, so it's something that I take pride in."

With running back Emmanuel Moody missing the matchup against Arkansas, Harvin will likely see more time in the Gator backfield than at wide receiver. It's something he feels more comfortable doing.

"I am a natural born running back, so I kind of like running it, but whatever they need me to do," Harvin said. "Whatever my team needs me to do, I'll do. I'm prepared if needed. Some practices I'll practice at running back and some days at wide receiver. It just depends on what the game plan is and what looks the other team is going to give us. This week I've been doing both and a lot of receiving just so we can get our timing back."

Even though most of the plays this season have gone to Harvin, he is confident in the other Gator receivers.

"I think they can make plays," he said. "They make plays in practice, but a lot of teams give us blitzes and man coverage looks, so it kind of takes them out of their routes. But all of our receivers are ready to make plays."

Harvin is looking at Saturday's game with Arkansas as a way for the offense to get back on track and march closer to the team's goal of reaching Atlanta.

"That's the spirit that kept us going after the team meeting on Sunday," he said. "We know we lost, but we still know we're right around where we need to be. There is definitely no margin. We're going to play a little harder. We've been looking back at when we won the national championship to see what we need to do."

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