My Take - Toben Opurum

Toben Opurum is the No. 4 ranked fullback according to Opurum is 6-2 and 225-pounds and is from Plano (TX) East Senior High School.

Could Opurum be the answer for the Gators big back? Many believe that Opurum has all the tools to be one of the top fullbacks at the next level the question is where will he end up playing at the collegiate level? He wants to play running back in college and has an offer from the University of Florida. I had a chance to catch up with the bruising running back today and he confirmed for me that he is looking in the Gators direction.

"I am definitely interested in the Gators but I want to research them a bit more moving forward," he said.

If Opurum wanted to play fullback at the next level his destination would be clear as he told writer Shea Dixon from TigerSportsDigest.Com with Sonny Shipp.

"If I wanted to play fullback in college, I would have already chosen LSU," Opurun said. "LSU is a hugely competitive school, and other teams are scared to play them. But it comes down to my decision on playing running back or fullback."

Moving forward Toben Opurum will be one to watch. If the Gators miss out on the running back position, things could get interesting for the Gators and Opurum.

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