The Game Within the Game

When LSU comes to Gainesville to face the Florida Gators on Saturday night for a nationally televised game, the stands will be filled with some of the nation's top talent.

Often times I read things like "we must win this game or we won't land him", referring to various prospects that the Gators are looking at. It's all relative when you think about it. If Florida walks out with a 35-point victory will Andre Debose say to himself that LSU is in desperate need of playmakers and I can walk in and start from day one?

On the flip side of that, he could also tell himself that the Gators are loaded at my position and I won't see the field in year one. The truth is most people put too much stock in the "one game" scenario between two teams that appear to be the last two standing for the services of some of the nation's top talent.

If Charles Scott runs all over the Gators on Saturday night do you think Jarvis Jones and Jon Bostic will think the linebacker play is suspect at best and they have a better chance at playing early at Florida vs. LSU? The fact of the matter is that most players don't put a whole lot of stock when two of their favorite teams square off. What we normally see is the outcome of the game further confirms or denies to potential prospects what they were already feeling. Meaning that if Andre Debose is leaning to the Gators at this moment the outcome of the game won't matter to him or vice-versa.

Certainly, the Seminole Three of Andre Debose, Ray Ray Armstrong and Dyron Dye have Florida and LSU at the top of their favorites. It remains to be seen whether or not they will be in attendance or not but most likely from what I am told they should be in The Swamp Saturday night. Bostic and Jones have said positive things about both Florida and LSU in the past week. Bostic will be in attendance but Jones has a game on Saturday and will not be able to attend but told me he will definitely be watching the game.

Another wide receiver prospect that is high on the Gators and Tigers is Marlon Brown. Brown will look to come to Florida later in the year but will have his television tuned to CBS late Saturday evening watching closely both teams' wide receivers.

One of the most highly coveted offensive line prospects is Xavier Nixon and while many believe it is down to Florida, LSU and Miami, I believe the Gators and Tigers have a great chance at least to be the last two standing.

Another widely regarded prospect in the class of 2009 is running back Trent Richardson who told me earlier in the week that he will be at the game this weekend. While Richardson is currently committed to Alabama he has also expressed interest in both Florida and LSU.

At the end of the day the outcome of the game will not determine where any of these players decide to play but could confirm or deny feelings that they currently have over one team or the other. So as you are sitting in the stands or in your recliner Saturday night try not to get too high or too low with regards to recruiting depending on the outcome of the game. Florida will certainly get its share of the high profile recruits come National Signing Day.

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