LSU Offense Has It All

The Tigers have one of the most balanced and explosive offenses in the nation, gaining 207 yards a game on the ground and 210 through the air. Their 35.5 points a game is second in the SEC; second that is to the Florida Gators.

It all starts with RB Charles Scott who leads the SEC with 134 yards a game and is second with six touchdowns. He reminds me of Errict Rhett in that he doesn't wow you with spectacular moves or breakaway speed, but when all is said and done he's gotten his yards and made an impact. Scott has gained at least 100 yards in all four games with a high of 160 on 16 carries against Appalachian State.

You add to Scott with a very talented pair of wide receivers in Brandon LaFell (22, 15.8, 3 td) and Demetrius Byrd (10, 15.3, 3 td). Both guys have excellent size (6-3, 200) and deep speed. LSU also makes use of their TE Richard Dickson (8, 11.8, 1 TD) and will throw to Scott (4, 9.2) and Keiland Williams (3, 6.7) out of the backfield.

The QB situation is in a state of flux. Redshirt freshman Jarrett Lee (58.4%, 643, 6/3) entered the Auburn game after Andrew Hatch (51.4%, 218, 1/1) suffered a concussion and led LSU on a game winning scoring drive, hitting LaFell with a TD pass with 1:03 to play. Lee is clearly the superior passer, but is not mobile at all. Hatch (20-101, 5.1, 1 TD) is a dangerous runner and has been cleared to return this week. He'll remind you of Matt Mauck and Matt Flynn and might be the first Ivy League transfer (Harvard) to ever start at QB in the SEC. The Gators will need to prepare for both guys.

To call the offensive line enormous would be an understatement. The left side alone of Herman Johnson (LG, 67, 380) and Ciron Black (LT, 6-5, 330) provides more than 700 pounds of blocking talent. As you might expect they tend to run left when they need a yard. The rest of the line is big and talented, but it's the massive left side that gets your attention. They pave the way for LSU's running game and do a great job in pass protection, allowing just four sacks.

Overall this is an outstanding offensive team with no real weaknesses. One key for the Gators will be to limit Scott and control Hatch when he's in there so LSU cannot play ball control. Another key that ties in with that is to do so without requiring too much support from the safeties. LSU will try to go deep off play action and the more inclined the Gator safeties are to lend support against the run the more likely it is that LSU will be able to go over the top successfully. LSU has scored 21 or more points in every game since the Gators beat them in The Swamp 23-10 two years ago. That's 28 straight games. Florida will be hard pressed to keep that streak from being extended. But if they can it should mean a Gator win.

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