Great Win at a Great Time

Florida needed this win in more ways than I can count, but let me run down a few of the most important ones.

National credibility ----- The Gators had not exactly slipped off the national radar entering this one, but they were pretty darn close to doing so. The Gators had not beaten a team better than Tennessee since the BCS Title Game almost two years ago. Losing to Ole Miss may have reinforced the idea that Urban Meyer's Gators were one hit wonders. Dominating the defending national champs gets rid of those thoughts in a hurry.

Confidence ---- I've had a number of conversations with Urban about the idea of building confidence and he always comes back to the same point. No matter how hard you train, no matter how hard you study video tape, no matter how much you want it, the only way to build confidence is through success. This night was very successful indeed.

SEC Race ----- Florida would have had control of its destiny in the SEC East no matter what happened against LSU, but that would have been small consolation. Florida couldn't realistically go into the offweek with two losses in three games and really believe an SEC Title was in their future. Now they can.

Gator Nation ----- There's no question that many Florida supporters and observers were starting to wonder if the Gator staff had shown its best stuff. After winning it all in 2006 the Gators had gone 13-5, losing the biggest games on the schedule along the way. Was Dan Mullen incapable of making use of these weapons? Why can't Tebow be Tebow? Where is the explosiveness we saw last year? Those questions and many more were asked a lot in the last two weeks. I don't think we'll be hearing them again for quite awhile.

It's not often that week six of a 12-week season can mean so much, but this Gator team, I really believe that it did. No, the season would not have been over at 4-2, but the doubts that were beginning to creep into a number of heads would have been barreling through under those circumstances. Instead Florida is celebrating its biggest regular season win in two seasons and heading into the offweek with momentum, respect and newly deserved confidence. Not a bad night's work.

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