Fightin' Gators Top 13 - Week Seven

This season is starting to seem even stranger than last. Three of the top five teams go down, and only four of them played! That brings us to our weekly assessment of the nation's best from the lawless firm of Vettel, Chmielenski, Redman and Cline.

1. Texas ----- HC: Colt McCoy officially leads the Heisman race for now.

2. Alabama

3. Penn State ---
BR: The Nittany Lions are a senior laden team from two strong recruiting classes four and five years ago. QB Darryl Clark has thrown for nine TD and run for six more.

4. Oklahoma

5. USC -----
LV: I admit I wrote off the Trojans too early, but it'll still be hard for them to reach the BCS Title Game without playing a ranked team the rest of the way.

6. Florida

7. Georgia

8. Texas Tech ---
CC: It's hard to know how good the Red Raiders are until they actually play someone. Four ranked opponents in the next five games should take care of that.

9. Missouri

10. BYU

11. LSU

12. Ohio State

13. Utah

Dubious Achievement Award (shared) -----

Tommy Tuberville ---
BR: Firing your offensive coordinator in the middle of the season and the middle of the week? The Tigers rolled up 193 yards and turned it over three times against not so good Arkansas.

The Voters in this poll --- LV: Present Company excluded, of course. The three others all kept Missouri in the Top 13, but did not vote for unbeaten Oklahoma State. Guys, did you notice that the Cowboys beat the Tigers last night? AT Missouri no less?

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